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Last Update: 7th August 2023 : Added 100 homebrew games.
                                                   Previous Updates:
                                                       - 5th April 2023 : Added 1 homebrew game.
                                                       - 3rd January 2023 : Added 1 homebrew game.
                                                       - 19th December 2022 : Added 11 homebrew games.
Note this page is currently a work-in-progress.
The page will be considered 'complete' when all of the carts I own are dumped
and all available ROMs are linked and are downloadable which will be done as the final step.

Contrary to what people might think, most carts usually have several ROMs inside them not just one like emulators use.
With regards to Colecovision carts, most of them (with the exception of a few later carts) have 1 or 2 or 3 mask ROMs inside them......

Before I started this, ALL of the current Colecovision dumps were incorrect because they were dumped from the edge connector and the ROMs are merged together into one file. This is fine for random emulators but for proper documentation purposes with MAME, correct ROM dumps are required.
The aim of this page is to keep track of all of the games and correct them to be like they really are inside the carts.
Additionally, the list has been expanded to include homebrew because many of those games are very good and equal to or better than other commercially sold titles.

  • This is probably the only place on the net where you can see good quality pics of the PCBs inside several Colecovision carts.
  • I made several 300DPI labels that can be printed with high quality results, unlike most of the others that are being hoarded/sold and only low quality labels were released. I will not be re-making every label but the list of labels I made is at the bottom of this page. All of those labels are 100% accurate to the original label down to 0.1mm
  • Some of the carts from the Euro/PAL region (with CBS COLECO white label on lower half of the cart label) are undumped except for the games I have redumped.
  • For the original Coleco PCBs and ROM positions, ROM 1 (i.e. xxxxx.1) is always nearest to the edge connector.
  • All mask ROMs have a part number on them to differentiate them from other random black ROMs that were floating around in the factory at the time of manufacturing.
    MOSTEK ROMs use Rxxxxx ROM numbers. Texas Instruments ROMs use ZAxxxxx ROM numbers and sometimes the Rxxxxx number as well.
    GI ROMs are often seen in CBS Coleco carts and use a different numbering scheme.
  • 8kB carts contain 1x 8kB ROM (2364 mask ROM)
    16kB carts contain 2x 8kB ROMs
    24kB carts contain 3x 8kB ROMs
    32kB carts contain 2x 16kB ROMs (23128 mask ROM), 1x 32kB ROM (23256 mask ROM or 27256 EPROM) or an epoxy blob as four ROMs won't physically fit into a cart ;-)
    A few carts contain a mix of 16kB and 8kB ROMs and a few contain a mix of 8kB and 4kB ROMs.
  • Download links for ROMs will become active when all carts are fully dumped and added to MAME. Until then download links will give a 404 error. Anyway, you'll be able to get them from the usual places as soon as they hit MAME :-)
  • Update - While MAME archives are now using split ROMs with the correct file sizes for all Colecovision games supported in MAME, there are likely some overdumps remaining and a large proportion of the ROM numbers are unknown.
    This is unlikely to change any time soon unless someone opens their carts and documents the numbers or sends their carts to me for processing. So what you have here is basically everything known and there will likely be no more updates after this page is completed except for occasionally adding some newer-released homebrew games.
  • About Telegames: Telegames carts are low quality copies made in the mid to late 80's after Coleco withdrew from the video game market in 1985. Telegames bought out some of the Coleco IP after Coleco ceased operation. Some of the Coleco games that were not released by Coleco or were perhaps in-progress / not finished were finished and released by Telegames instead. Telegames then re-manufactured the PCBs and carts in Taiwan and sold them in Canada and UK and possibly other countries. In some cases they used existing labels and boxes that would have been printed years earlier and sitting in a warehouse somewhere (perhaps inheriting them as part of the IP deal) but when they didn't have original labels they printed a simple generic silver label for the Telegames titles and re-printed color Coleco labels on glossy paper using artwork they re-made. They also sold many re-made older Coleco games without the Telegames branding/label so they looked like original Coleco carts. This means the re-made labels look 'original' from a distance for easy selling but in reality there are many small changes like font character spacing that don't align with the original Coleco-made labels. These are very easy to spot just by eye if you compare with an original 80's-era Colecovision cart. The re-made labels are super glossy which is something that the original labels never were. They also re-made generic plastic shells for the carts using the Coleco USA-style shell but without any company branding on the back of the cart shell. They put the cart into a clear plastic bag with a photo-copied instruction sheet included. The nasty cheapo PCB appears to have been manufactured by Bit Corporation in Taiwan and the cart plastic shells are plain and without any branding molded into the back plastic shell (see bottom of this page for photos). Since these are made in the mid to late 80's larger EPROMs were available so Telegames carts use a common single ceramic EPROM or OTP EPROM. Some of the shells are copied from other designs. For example games from Xonox and Imagic with silver Telegames labels are using an identical copy of the Activision shell but without any branding molded into the plastic. From a historical point of view it's interesting that these exist because back in the day the games played exactly the same and were probably sold off much cheaper than the Coleco originals and that's all that mattered to a 10 year old kid. Nowadays these are considered low quality worthless knock-offs compared to carts manufactured by Coleco when the Colecovision was current. Check the pics below of some Telegames carts and you'll see they are pretty nasty. Be especially wary of carts being sold as 'brand new never used' or 'never inserted into a Colecovision' or 'all contacts are new and unmarked' and having very shiny new-looking labels because they are almost certainly low quality Telegames copies. Check the bottom of this page for info on how to identify originals and Telegames copies.

  • White = Original Colecovision release from the 80's with dump available.
  • Green = Redumped and Fixed (split into real ROM sizes with ROM names and PCBs fully documented). I own these carts.
  • Cyan = Commercial title with no dump available. Possibly was never released back in the day.

  • Grey = Homebrew with dump secured/available here (note MANY are not publicly available).
  • Red = Homebrew with no dump available. In some cases the game is already lost or risk of loss is very high due to being only sold in a limited run. Digital copies are certainly still available somewhere, but are not being distributed today. Hence many titles that were only sold ~10-15 years ago are now lost. If you check the manufacturer column you'll see some developers responsibly release the games after a few years but you'll also see a pattern forming for those who don't....
    Even more interesting, a lot of those games are ports of commercial games and/or contain IP/game assets not owned by the person porting and selling it. Hmmmm. The result is over 50% of homebrew games are lost.... quite sad :-/

  • If you are a game developer who made some homebrew games many years ago as physical carts or digital downloads, most likely none of the physical carts are available now and the number of people who would buy them now is basically zero. Since you are no longer making any money from them you should make an effort to release the ROMs for the sake of preservation!

    To everyone else, if you want to help, provide some original carts or buy and send to me undumped carts so they can be dumped and enjoyed by everyone or provide digital downloads of non-public/undumped/lost games so that these games can be preserved forever.
    I can be contacted here.

    M A S T E R   C O L E C O V I S I O N   G A M E   L I S T
    NameDump?ManufacturerYearkB#ROMsROM numbersPCBLabel
    1942 No Team Pixelboy 2020
    2010: The Graphic Action Game Yes Coleco 84 32?
    2010: The Graphic Action Game (proto 54) Yes Coleco 84 32?
    2010: The Graphic Action Game (proto 44) Yes Coleco 84 32?
    31-in-1 (commercial games with homebrew menu) Yes 20131M1
    421 Yes Mathieu Proulx 2002
    63-in-1 (commercial games with homebrew menu) Yes 20132M1
    A.E. No Coleco
    Acromage No Team Pixelboy 2016
    Aerial Yes Inufuto 2022
    Anti-Environment Encounter (A.E.) Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Alcazar the Forgotten Fortress Yes Telegames 85 162
    Alphabet Zoo Yes Spinnaker 84 162
    Alpharoid No Opcode Games 2018
    Amazing Bumpman Yes Telegames 86 162
    Antarctic Adventure Yes Coleco 84 162 xxxxx.1

    Antarctic Adventure (Telegames) (new dump 6 August 2022) Yes Telegames 84 161 TMM24128AP_8718.BIN
    Aquattack Yes Interphase 84 162
    Aquattack (alt.) Yes Interphase 84 162
    Arkadion No 8-bit Milli Games 2022
    Arkanoid Yes Collectorvision Games 2020
    Armageddon Yes Collectorvision Games 2011
    Arno Dash Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Artillery Duel Yes Xonox 83 162
    Ascend Yes Inufuto 2022
    Asteroids Yes Team Pixelboy 2022
    Astro Invader No Atariage 2005
    Astrododge No Revival Studios 2012
    Astrostorm Yes AnalogKid 2021
    B.C.'s Quest for Tires (Sierra) Yes Sydney 83 162
    B.C.'s Quest for Tires (Coleco Canada) Yes Sydney 83 162
    B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge Yes Sydney 84 243
    B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge (Canada) Yes Sydney 84 243
    B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge (Canada/bad?) Yes Sydney 84 243
    Bagman Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Bank Panic Yes Team Pixelboy 2011
    Bankruptcy Builder Yes Good Deal Games 2013
    Battle of Hoth Yes Team Pixelboy 2013
    Battlot Yes Inufuto 2022
    Beamrider Yes Activision 83 162
    Bejeweled Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2002
    Berenstain Bears, The (proto) Yes Coleco 84 8 1
    Berzerk Yes Collectorvision Games
    Black Onyx, The Yes Team Pixelboy 2013
    Blockade Runner Yes Interphase 84 162
    Bomb Jack Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Bomb'n Blast Yes Collectorvision Games 2011
    Bomb'n Blast 2 No Côté Gamers 2020
    Bomber King No Team Pixelboy 2020
    Booming Boy Yes Team Pixelboy 2019
    Boot Hill No Gerry Brophy 2021
    Bootskell Yes Inufuto 2022
    Bosconian No Opcode Games 2016
    Boulder Dash (proto) Yes Microfun 84 162
    Boulder Dash Yes Telegames 87 162
    Boxxle Yes Team Pixelboy 2015
    Brain Strainers Yes Coleco 84 162
    Breakout Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 1999
    Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom Yes Coleco 83 243
    Buck Rogers Super Game Yes Team Pixelboy 2013
    Bug'n Bots Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Bump 'n' Jump Yes Coleco 84 243
    Burger Time (proto) Yes Mattel 83 162
    Burger Time Yes Coleco 84 162 R13758A.1
    Burn Rubber Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Buster Bros./Pang Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    BustIn-Out No Amy Marie Bienvenu 2000
    C-So! Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Cabbage Patch Kids No Opcode Games 2017
    Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park Yes Original Appalachian Artworks / Konami84 162 R13761A.1

    Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park Yes Coleco 84 162
    Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park (proto) Yes Original Appalachian Artworks / Konami84 162
    Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park (proto alt.) Yes Coleco 84 162
    Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Yes Coleco 84 243
    Cacorm Yes Inufuto 2022
    Campaign '84 Yes Sunrise 83 162
    Canadian Mini Games Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2008
    Caos Begins Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Car Fighter Yes Collectorvision Games
    Carnival (new dump July 11 2022) Yes Coleco & CBS Coleco 82 162 8A7539_UPPER_ZA64152.1


    (1) (2)
    Carnival (alt) Yes Coleco 82 162 R73097A.1

    Castelo Yes Splice Vision 85 8 1
    Castle Excellent Yes Collectorvision Games
    Caterpillar S.O.S. Yes Collectorvision Games 2011
    Cavern Fighter Yes Collectorvision Games 2021
    Caverns of Titan Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Cavit Yes Inufuto 2022
    Centipede Yes Atarisoft 83 162 CO27004-02.A2


    Chack'n Pop Yes Collectorvision Games 2011
    Challenger Yes Collectorvision Games 2019
    Champion Pro Wrestling Yes Team Pixelboy 2020
    Chess Challenger Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Children of the Night Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Choplifter! Yes Coleco 84 162
    Chuck Norris Superkicks Yes Xonox 83 162
    Circus Charlie Yes Team Pixelboy 2011
    Cix Yes Good Deal Games 2013
    Cold Blood Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Congo Bongo Yes Coleco 84 243
    Comic Bakery Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Computer Space Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Cookie Monster Munch Yes Kiwi
    Cosmic Avenger Yes CBS Coleco 82 162 8A7541_UPPER_ZA64125.1

    Cosmic Avenger (alt.) Yes Coleco 82 162 ZA64053_R73094.1

    Cosmic Crisis Yes Telegames 83 162
    Cosmo Challenge Yes
    Cosmo Fighter 2 No Good Deal Games 2005
    Cosmo Fighter 3 No Good Deal Games 2010
    Cosmo Trainer Yes
    Crazy Climber Redux Yes 8-bit Milli Games 2021
    Cure, The No Team Pixelboy 2020
    Cybor War Yes
    Cye 1.1 Yes Good Deal Games 2008
    Cye 1.2 No Good Deal Games 2008
    Dacman Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2000
    Dam Busters, The Yes Coleco 84 32?
    Dam Busters, The (Coleco Canada) Yes Coleco 84 32?
    Dance Fantasy Yes Fisher-Price 84 8 1
    Danger Tower Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Dead Tomb Yes Gerry Brophy 2021
    Decathlon Yes Activision 84 162
    Deep Dungeon Adventure Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Defender Yes Atarisoft 83 243
    Defender (homebrew PAL fix for scanner) Yes Atarisoft 83 243
    Deflektor Kollection Yes Atariage 2003
    Destructor (CBS COLECO) (new dump June 30 2022) Yes CBS Coleco 84 322x16k9128B-1788_8A8159.1
    Destructor (USA) Yes Coleco 84 322x16k9128B-1515_R13754B.1
    Destructor (Standard Controller Edition) Yes Team Pixelboy 2010
    Diamond Dash Yes
    Diamond Dash 2 Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Dig Dug (proto) Yes Atarisoft 84 243
    Digger Yes Mystery Man 2014
    Digger Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Donkey Kong 16k Yes Coleco 82 162 ZA64113_8A_7528(UPPER).1
    Donkey Kong 24k Yes Coleco 82 243 ZA64050_R73117.1
    Donkey Kong 3 Yes Collectorvision Games
    Donkey Kong Junior Yes Coleco 83 162 R73240A.1

    (1) (2)
    Dorodon Yes Opcode Games
    Double Breakout Yes
    Dr. Seuss: Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Yes Coleco 84 162
    Dragonfire Yes Imagic 84 162
    Dragons Lair (proto) Yes Coleco 84 243
    Dragons Lair Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Drol Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    Dukes of Hazzard Yes Coleco 84 32?
    Dungeons & Trolls Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Earth Defend 2083 Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Egger Land Yes Collectorvision Games
    Electric Adventures Classics Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Elevator Action Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Energy Quiz Yes Collectorvision Games
    Escape From the Mindmaster (proto) Yes Epyx 83 162
    Evolution (Coleco) Yes Sydney 83 162
    Evolution (CBS Coleco Canada) Yes Sydney 83 162
    Evolution (Telegames) (new dump 5th August 2022) Yes Sydney 83 161 evolution27128.bin
    Explosion Yes
    Facemaker Yes Spinnaker 83 8 1
    Fall Guy (proto) Yes Fox Video Games 83 162
    Fathom Yes Imagic 83 162
    Final Test Cartridge (proto) Yes Coleco 82 8 1
    Fireman (proto, found 2009, released 2021) Yes Nice Ideas 84 32?
    Fireworks Factory No Nice Ideas
    Flapee Byrd Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Flicky Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Flipper Slipper Yes Spectravideo 83 162
    Flipper Slipper (alt. or bad dump?) Yes Spectravideo 83 162
    Flipper Slipper Yes Telegames 83 161
    Flora and the Ghost Mirror Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2012
    Food Fight Yes Collectorvision Games
    Fortune Builder Yes Coleco 84 32?
    Fraction Fever Yes Spinnaker 83 8 1
    Frantic Yes
    Frantic Freddie Yes Spectravideo 83 162
    Frenzy Yes Coleco 83 203
    Frenzy (alt. 1) Yes Coleco 83 203
    Frenzy (alt. 2) Yes CBS Coleco 83 203 RO9464B-0325_8A8111_ROM1.1 (8kB)

    RO9464B-0326_8A8112_ROM2.2 (8kB)

    RO94132-0140_8A8113_ROM3.3 (4kB)
    Frog Feast Yes Unknown 2007
    Frog Magi Yes
    Frogger Yes Parker Brothers 83 162 13647-002A.1
    Frogger II Threedeep! Yes Parker Brothers 84 162
    Frogger II Threedeep! (new dump) Yes Telegames 84 161
    Front Line Yes Coleco 83 243
    Front Line (alt.) Yes Coleco 83 243
    Front Line (Standard Controller Edition) Yes Team Pixelboy 2015
    Frostbite Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Galaga Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Galaxian Yes Atarisoft 83 243
    Galaxian (alt.) Yes Atarisoft 83 243
    Game Pack #1 Yes Good Deal Games 2002
    Game Pack #2 Yes Good Deal Games 2003
    Gamester 81: The Video Game Yes Atari-2600 2013
    Gateway to Apshai Yes Epyx 84 161 epoxy blob
    Gauntlet Yes Team Pixelboy 2019
    Get Booty Yes
    Ghost No Team Pixelboy 2020
    Ghost'n Zombies: A Quest For A Rose No Collectorvision Games 2009
    Ghostblaster Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2006
    Ghostbusters Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Girl's Garden Yes Team Pixelboy 2010
    Golgo 13 Yes Team Pixelboy 2011
    Goonies, The Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Gorf Yes Coleco 83 162 R73225B.1


    GP World Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Gradius No Opcode Games 2016
    Grail of the Gods Yes
    Gulkave Yes Team Pixelboy 2010
    Gun Fright No Opcode Games
    Gust Buster Yes Sunrise 83 162
    Gyruss Yes Parker Bros. 84 162
    H.E.R.O. Yes Activision 84 162
    Hang-On Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    Hang-On II Yes Opcode Games
    Happy Halloween Yes
    Haunted Caves Yes
    Heist, The Yes Micro Fun 83 242 9464B-0247_DOB629192-2_U2.1


    Heist, The (trained?) Yes Micro Fun 83 242
    Heist, The (trained? , alt) Yes Micro Fun 83 242
    Helifire Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Heroes Arena Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Hole In One Yes Collectorvision Games 2017
    Hustle Yes
    Hustle Chumy Yes Collectorvision Games 2019
    Hyper Rally Yes Opcode Games
    Ice World Yes Collectorvision Games
    Illusions Yes Coleco 84 162
    Impetus Yes Inufuto 2022
    Insane Pickin' Sticks VIII Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2010
    It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Yes Xonox 84 162
    J.E.T.P.A.C. Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    James Bond 007 Yes Parker Bros. 84 162
    Jawbreaker 1 and 2 Yes Collectorvision Games 2019
    Jawbreaker 2 Yes Collectorvision Games
    Jeepers Creepers Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2010
    Jet Pack! Yes Harvey DeKline 2014
    Jet Ready Yes Collectorvision Games 2019
    Joust (prototype) Yes AtariSoft 83 243
    Joust (with title screen and sound) Yes Team Pixelboy 2014
    Juke Box Yes Spinnaker 84 8 1
    Jump Or Die Yes
    Jumpland Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    Jumpman Junior (black label) Yes Epyx 84 161 epoxy blob                     fantasy label
    Jumpman Junior (white label) Yes Epyx 84 162 R09464B-0726_8A8230.1
    Jungle Hunt Yes Atarisoft 83 243
    Jungle Hunt (Telegames) (new dump 5th August 2022) Yes Atarisoft / Telegames 83 321 am27256.bin
    3rd 8kB matches with Atari rom.3 99.99% and the last 8kB filled with 0xff
    Junkwall Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    Juno First Yes Collectorvision Games
    Kaboom! Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Karateka 2 Yes
    Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker Yes Coleco 83 162
    Kevtris Yes Kevin Horton 1996
    Keystone Kapers Yes Activision 84 162
    Kill Barney in Tokyo Yes
    King & Balloon Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    King's Valley Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Klondike Solitaire Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Knight Lore Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Knight'n More No Côté Gamers 2016
    Knightmare Yes Team Pixelboy 2015
    Kobashi Yes Collectorvision Games 2010
    Konami's Ping Pong Yes Team Pixelboy 2011
    Konami's Tennis No Opcode Games
    Kralizec Tetris Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Kung-Fu Master Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    L’Abbaye des Morts Yes Collectorvision Games 2020
    Lady Bug Yes Coleco 82 162 8A7543_UPPER_ZA64150.1


    Lady Bug Arcade No Opcode Games
    Learning with Leeper Yes Sierra 83 162
    Learning with FuzzyWOMP Yes Collectorvision Games
    Lift Yes Inufuto 2022
    Light Grid Racing Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Linking Logic Yes Fisher-Price 84 162
    Lock'n Chase Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Lock'n Chase Black Label Edition Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Loco-Motion Yes Collectorvision Games
    Lode Runner Yes Steve Begin 2002
    Lode Runner (same as above with a few extra levels) Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Logic Levels Yes Fisher-Price 84 162
    Looping Yes Coleco 83 162 ZA64135_R72104A.1


    Lord Of The Dungeon (proto, released at CGE 2001) Yes NAP Consumer Electronics / Probe 2000 83 321
    Lunar Leeper Yes Collectorvision Games 2020
    M*A*S*H (proto) Yes Fox Video Games 83 162
    Magical Tree Yes Opcode Games 2006
    Mahjong Solitaire Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Maid of the Mist v1.1 Yes
    Majikazo Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Mappy Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Mario Brothers (rev D) Yes Collectorvision Games 2009
    Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man No Mattel 84
    Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Yes Collectorvision Games
    Math Quest Yes Collectorvision Games
    Maze Maniac Yes Charles-Mathieu Boyer 2006
    Maze of Galious. The No Opcode Games
    MazezaM Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    MazezaM Challenge Yes Collectorvision Games
    Mazy Yes Inufuto 2022
    Mean Santa No 2600 Connection 2020
    Mecha-8 Yes Team Pixelboy 2013
    Mecha-9 Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Memory Manor Yes Fisher-Price 84 8 1
    Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.1 Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.2 Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Meteoric Shower Yes Bit Corporation 83 162
    Mikie Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Mindwalls Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Miner 2049er Yes Micro Fun 83 243
    Miner 2049er (alt.) Yes Micro Fun 83 243
    Minesweeper Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Missile Strike Yes AnalogKid 2021
    Module Man Yes Team Pixelboy 2013
    Monaco GP Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Monkey Academy Yes Coleco 84 243
    Monkey Academy (proto) Yes Coleco 84 162
    Monkey Academy (proto 0511) Yes Coleco 84 243
    Monster House (Youkai Yashiki) Yes Collectorvision Games 2017
    Monster Masher Yes Good Deal Games 2007
    Montezuma's Revenge Yes Parker Bros. 84 162
    Moon Patrol (prototype) No Atarisoft
    Moon Patrol (proto badly hacked as 'Matt Patrol') Yes
    Moon Patrol (hacks removed and game fixed) Yes 2013
    Moon Patrol (hack with some different gfx and harder game play) Yes 2013
    Moonsweeper Yes Imagic 83 162
    Moonsweeper (alt.) Yes Imagic 83 162
    Mopiranger Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Motocross Racer Yes Xonox 84 162
    Motocross Racer (alt.) Yes Xonox 84 162
    Motocross Racer (Telegames) (new dump) Yes Telegames 84 161 9128C-1439_VGC-C4A.1
    Mountain King Yes Sunrise 84 162
    Mountain King (alt.) Yes Sunrise 84 162
    Mouse Trap Yes Coleco 82 162 R73093_REV.A.1
    Mouse Trap (alt.) Yes Coleco 82 162
    Mouser No Opcode Games
    Mr. Chin Yes Collectorvision Games 2008
    Mr. Do! Yes Coleco 83 243 R11048A.1


    Mr. Do! Run Run Yes Collectorvision Games
    Mr. Do!'s Castle Yes Parker Bros 83 162
    Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride Yes Collectorvision Games
    Mr. Turtle No Gerry Brophy 2015
    Ms Space Fury Yes Digital Press 2001
    Multiverse Yes Team Pixelboy 2019
    Muncher Mouse No Côté Gamers 2019
    Music Box Demo Yes Coleco 87 243
    N-Sub Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Nether Dungeon Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Neuras Yes Inufuto 2022
    Nibbli: Son of Nibbler Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Nim Yes
    Ninja Princess Yes Team Pixelboy 2011
    Nova Blast Yes Imagic 83 162
    Number Bumper Yes Sunrise 84 162
    Oil's Well Yes Sierra 84 162
    Oil's Well (alt.) Yes Sierra 84 162
    Omega Race Yes Coleco 83 162
    One-On-One Yes Micro Lab 84 243
    One-On-One (Telegames copy) Yes Telegames 84 321
    Operation Wolf Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Orbit (proto) Yes Parker Bros. 83 8 1
    Ozma Wars Yes Collectorvision Games 2011
    Pac-Man (proto) Yes Atarisoft 83 162
    Pac-Man Collection Yes Opcode Games 2008
    Pacar Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Peek-a-boo Yes Team Pixelboy 2010
    Pegged Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Penguin Adventure No Opcode Games 2016
    Penguin Land Yes Collectorvision Games 2010
    Pengy No Cote Gamers
    Pepper II Yes Coleco 83 162 R72106A.1

    Pillars Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Pink Panther Yes Collectorvision Games
    Pippols Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Pitfall! Yes Activision 83 161 V-001-01.1
    Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Yes Activision 84 162
    Pitfall II Arcade Yes Team Pixelboy 2010
    Pitman Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Pitstop (USA) (EPYX shell with black label) Yes Epyx 83 161 epoxy blob
    Pitstop (Euro, USA, Can)(CBS Coleco shell with white label) Yes Epyx 83 162 ZA64242_8A8128_UPPER.1
    Plants vs Zombies Yes Kiwi 2020
    Pong Yes Alfonso 2007
    Pong Yes Collectorvision Games
    Pooyan Yes Collectorvision Games 2009
    Popeye Yes Parker Bros. 83 162
    Popeye (alt.) Yes Parker Bros. 83 162
    Porky's (proto) Yes Fox Video Games 83 162
    Power Grabber No Sydney
    Power Lords: Quest for Volcan (proto rel. 2000) Yes NAP Consumer Electronics 84 32?
    Princess Quest Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Prisoner of War No Team Pixelboy 2020
    Purple Dinosaur Massacre Yes Classic Game Creations 1996
    Puzzli Yes Collectorvision Games 2011
    Pyramid Warp & Battleship Clapton 2 Yes Collectorvision Games 2009
    Q*Bert Yes Parker Bros. 83 8 1 13805023_QB.1
    Q*Bert (alt.) Yes Parker Bros. 83 8 1
    Q*Bert's Qubes Yes Parker Bros. 84 162
    Q*Bert's Qubes (alt.) Yes Parker Bros. 84 162
    Qbiqs Yes Team Pixelboy 2019
    Quatre Yes 2013
    Quest for Quintana Roo Yes Sunrise 83 162
    Quest for Quintana Roo (alt) Yes Sunrise 83 162
    Quest for the Golden Chalice Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    R-Type No Team Pixelboy 2020
    Raid on Bungling Bay No Opcode Games
    Rally-X Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Raptus Yes Inufuto 2022
    Recon Rescue Yes Nicam Shilova 2021
    Remember The Flag Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Reversi and Diamond Dash Yes Amy Marie Bienvenu 2004
    Rip Cord Yes Collectorvision Games 2017
    Risky Rick In Dangerous Traps No ArcadeVision 2019
    River Raid Yes Activision 84 162
    Road Fighter Yes Opcode Games 2007
    Robee Blaster Yes Collectorvision Games 2017
    Robotron 2084 Yes Collectorvision Games 2022
    Robin Hood Yes Xonox 84 162
    Robin Hood (alt.) Yes Xonox 84 162
    Roc 'n Rope Yes Coleco 84 243
    Rock 'n' Bolt Yes Telegames 84 162
    Rock 'n' Bolt (alt.) Yes Telegames 84 162
    Rocky: Super Action Boxing Yes Coleco 83 243
    Roller Ball Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Rolloverture Yes Sunrise 83 162
    Ruptus Yes
    Safari Race Yes Collectorvision Games
    Saguaro City Yes Collectorvision Games 2020
    Sammy Lightfoot Yes Sierra 83 162
    Sammy Lightfoot (alt.) Yes Sierra 83 162
    Sasa Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    Schlange CV No Good Deal Games 2006
    Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels Yes Good Deal Games 2006
    Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 2 Yes Good Deal Games 2007
    Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 3 Yes Good Deal Games 2013
    Secret of the Moai Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Sector Alpha Yes Spectravideo 83 203 SE220A.1
    Sega Flipper Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Sewer Sam Yes Interphase 84 243
    Shifted No Revival Studios 2014
    Shmup! Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Shouganai Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Shunting Puzzle Yes Good Deal Games 2013
    Side Trak Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Sindibad Mystery Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Sir Ababol Yes Côté Gamers 2020
    Sir Lancelot Yes Xonox 83 162
    Skiing Yes Telegames 86 8 1
    Skiing (alt. / bad?) Yes Telegames 86 8 1
    Sky Jaguar Yes Opcode Games 2004
    Slither Yes Coleco 83 162 R72112A.1
    Slither - Standard Controller Edition Yes Coleco 83 162 R72112A.1
    Slurpy Yes Xonox 84 162
    Smurf Challenge No Collectorvision Games 2010
    Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop Yes Coleco 84 243
    Smurf Play and Learn (proto) Yes Coleco 82 162
    Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle Yes Coleco 82 162 R73092.1
    Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (alt.) Yes Coleco 82 162
    Smurfs Save The Day (proto / demo) Yes Coleco 85 162
    Snake Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    So, You Want to Be a Knight? Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Space Fury Yes Coleco
    CBS Coleco
    83 162 R73124A.1

    Space Fury (alt. This is likely just a bad dump and can be removed) Yes Coleco 83 162
    Space Hunter Yes
    Space Invaders Collection Yes Opcode Games 2003
    Space Invasion Yes Classic Game Creations 1998
    Space Panic Yes Coleco 83 162 ZA64202.1
    Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space No
    Sparkie Yes Collectorvision Games 2018
    Spectar Yes Atariage 2002
    Spectron Yes Spectravideo 83 162
    Spelunker Yes Team Pixelboy 2015
    Spinball Yes
    Spunky's Super Car! Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Spy Hunter (new dump 13th August 2022) Yes Coleco 84 322x16k23130-3178_r300203.1

    Spy Hunter (proto v22) Yes Coleco 84 322x16k
    Spy Hunter (proto v13) Yes Coleco 84 322x16k
    Squares Yes Atariage 2008
    Squish'em featuring Sam Yes Interphase 84 162
    Star Castle Yes Team Pixelboy 2021321
    Star Fire Yes Chris Oberth 2021
    Star Force Yes Team Pixelboy 2011
    Star Fortress Yes Classic Game Creations 1998
    Star Jacker Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Star Jump Yes
    Star Soldier Yes Collectorvision Games 2016
    Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Yes Coleco 84 243
    Star Wars: The Arcade Game Yes Parker Bros. 84 162
    Starcom Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Starship Defence Force Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Steamroller (proto) Yes Activision 84 162
    Stone of Wisdom, The Yes Team Pixelboy 2015
    Stray Cat Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Strike It Yes Telegames 83 162
    Strip Poker No Amy Marie Bienvenu 2013
    Subroc Yes Coleco 83 243
    Subroc (alt.) Yes Coleco 83 243
    Subroc Super Game Yes Team Pixelboy 2014
    Sudoku Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Suite Macabre Yes Collectorvision Games
    Super Action Baseball Yes Coleco 83 243 R73144C.1
    Super Action Bowling Yes Collectorvision Games
    Super Action Football (US Football) Yes Coleco 84 322x16k
    Super Action Football (Telegames copy) (new dump 5th September 2022)Yes Coleco 84 321x32kHN27256.bin
    Super Action Football (UK Football PAL release) Yes Coleco 84 32?
    Super Action Soccer (title 'SOCCER' text hack) Yes 84 32
    Super Action Soccer (more in-game hacks) Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Super Cobra Yes Parker Bros. 83 8 1
    Super Cobra (alt.) Yes Parker Bros. 83 8 1
    Super Controller Test Cartridge Yes Coleco 83 8 1
    Super Cross Force Yes Spectravideo 83 162
    Super DK! (proto) Yes Coleco 82 32?
    Super DK Junior (proto) Yes Coleco 83 243
    Super Front Line Demo No Coleco
    Super Mine-Field Yes Collectorvision Games 2013
    Super Pac-Man Yes Team Pixelboy 2016
    Super Sketch Yes Personal Peripherals 84 8 1
    Super Space Acer Yes Mike Brent 2011
    Super UWOL Yes Collectorvision Games
    Sword and Sorcerer, The (proto) Yes Coleco 83 162
    Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe Yes Collectorvision Games 2017
    Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death Yes Collectorvision Games
    Tank Battalion No Opcode Games 2016
    Tank Challenge Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Tank Mission Yes Gerry Brophy 2017
    Tank Wars Yes Bit Corp. 83 162
    Tapper (Root Beer Tapper) Yes Coleco 84 322x16kR200255.1

    Tarzan Yes Coleco 83 243
    Telebunny Yes Collectorvision Games 2014
    Telly Turtle Yes Coleco 84 162
    Terra Attack Yes Atariage 2010
    The Castle Yes Collectorvision Games
    Thexder Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Threshold Yes Sierra 83 161 epoxy blob
    Tic-Tac-Toe Yes
    Time Pilot Yes Coleco 83 162 ZA64214_UPPER_8A7868.1
    Tomarc the Barbarian Yes Xonox 84 162
    Tournament Tennis Yes Imagic 84 162
    Tournament Tennis (Telegames) (new dump) Yes Telegames 84 161 9128C-1438_VGC-CS.1
    Track & Field Yes Team Pixelboy 2010
    Track & Field II No
    Traffic Jam Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Treasure Hunt Yes Collectorvision Games
    Tunnels & Trolls Demo Yes Coleco 83 243
    Turbo Yes Coleco 82 162 ZA64065_R73121.1
    Turbo (Standard Controller Edition) Yes
    Turmoil 2022 Yes 8-bit Milli Games 2021
    Tutankham Yes Parker Bros. 83 162
    Tutankham (alt.) Yes Parker Bros. 83 162
    TwinBee Yes Team Pixelboy 2014
    Txupinazo! Yes Team Pixelboy 2017
    Up'n Down Yes Sega 84 162
    Uridium Yes Team Pixelboy 2019
    Utopia No
    Uwol Quest for Money No Côté Gamers 2020
    Vanguard Yes Collectorvision Games 2019
    Venture Yes Coleco 82 162 ZA64120_8A7535_UPPER.1

    Vexed Yes Under4MHZ 2021
    Victory (CBS COLECO) Yes CBS Coleco 83 203 9464B-0171_8A_7874.1


    CRC32=a343ab23 (note 2332 4kB !)
    Victory (COLECO) Yes Coleco 83 203 R73139A_ZA64155.1


    crc32=476fb105 (note 2332 4kB !)
    Victory (Standard Controller Edition Hack) Yes 2010201 victorysce.rom
    Video Hustler (proto) Yes Coleco 84 8 1
    Video Hustler (proto 840727) Yes Coleco 84 8 1
    Void, The Yes Atari-2600 2010
    War Yes Gerry Brophy 2014
    War Games Yes Coleco 84 243
    War Games (proto 0417) (note this is just a production cart) Yes Coleco 84 243 R13763A.1



    This was dumped and identified as 'wargamesp' (War Games (Prototype, 0417). However the actual cart is a common production cart. So either the original dump came from a different real prototype cart or was just made up to increase the value. Regardless the same ROM code ended up in mass-produced mask ROMs in production War Games carts because I have one. A pic of my actual cart is shown here and the PCB inside is shown to the right.
    War Room Yes Probe 2000 83 243
    Warm Fuzzy : Quest for Salad Yes
    Warp & Warp No Opcode Games 2016
    Waterville Rescue Yes Mike Brent 2009
    Way of the Exploding Foot, The No Collectorvision Games 2011
    Wing War Yes Imagic 83 162
    Winky Trap (hack of Mouse Trap) Yes Collectorvision Games 2007
    Wiz Math Yes Sierra 84 162
    Wizard of Wor Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Wonder Boy Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Word Feud Yes Xonox 84 8 1
    Wrong Way Yes
    Yank Bash Yes
    Yar's Revenge Yes Collectorvision Games
    Yie Ar Kung-Fu Yes Opcode Games 2005
    Yolk's on You, The (proto) Yes Fox Video Games 83 162
    Z80 Rouge Yes
    Zanac Yes Collectorvision Games 2015
    Zaxxon Yes Coleco 82 243 R73136.1


    Zaxxon (alt. Taiwan Cooper) Yes Coleco 82 321
    Zaxxon II Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    Zaxxon Super Game Yes Team Pixelboy 2012
    Zenji Yes Activision 84 162
    Zippy Race Yes Collectorvision Games 2009
    Zombie Calavera Prologue Yes Collectorvision Games 2021
    Zombie Incident Yes Team Pixelboy 2018
    Zombie Near Yes Collectorvision Games 2012
    Zombie Near (SGM Edition) Yes Collectorvision Games
    Zoom 909 Yes Team Pixelboy 2021
    1. Both black label and white label (CBS Coleco) carts were dumped and match.
    2. All carts shown were dumped and match.
    3. PCB pic shown is from the 'Telegames UK' version. Normal 'Colecovision & ADAM' label. Generic type PCB without Coleco branding. Date on the ROM is late 80's. Coleco USA style shell but does not have 'COLECO' embedded into the back of the plastic shell.
    4. PCB pic shown is from the 'Telegames UK' version. Generic plain label. Generic type PCB without Coleco branding. Date on the ROM is late 80's. Coleco USA style shell but does not have 'COLECO' embedded into the back of the plastic shell. Uses a common single EPROM.
    5. PCB pic shown is from the 'Telegames UK' version. Normal CBS Coleco label (often with Canada/French label). Generic type PCB without Coleco branding. Date on the ROM is late 80's. CBS Coleco style shell with two square cut-outs. Uses a common single EPROM.
    6. PCB pic shown is from the 'Telegames UK' version. Generic plain label. Generic type PCB without any branding. Date on the ROM is late 80's. Activision shell 1:1 copy but without Activision molded into the plastic (used on Xonox & Imagic titles). Uses a common single EPROM.

    Guru-Made Labels: (CBS labels are slightly narrower than Coleco labels due to having a different plastic shell)
    Unless otherwise specified print at 300 DPI. Don't try passing them off as original because these look better than new and Coleco carts have not been made for ~40 years ;-)

    Antarctic Adventure black label
    Artillery Duel
    Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park black label
    Carnival CBS
    Destructor CBS
    Donkey Kong Junior CBS and black label
    Evolution Telegames (probably same as CBS Canada) - Preliminary partially cleaned scan
    Frenzy CBS
    Gateway To Apshai CBS and black label
    Gorf CBS and black label
    Heist, The (Canada label, preliminary partially cleaned scan)
    It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
    Jumpman Junior CBS and black label
    Jungle Hunt (Atarisoft) - Preliminary raw scan
    Jungle Hunt (Telegames) - Preliminary partially cleaned scan
    Lady Bug CBS
    Lode Runner
    Motocross Racer (Telegames) - raw scan only
    Mr Do! black label
    Pepper II CBS and black label
    Pitstop CBS and black label
    Space Fury CBS
    Space Panic CBS
    Spy Hunter black label (600 DPI)
    Super Action Football black label
    Time Pilot CBS
    Tournament Tennis (Telegames) - raw scan only
    Venture CBS and black label
    Victory CBS and black label
    War Games black label
    Wiz Math
    Zaxxon CBS

    Note! All other labels shown came off the net and are generally not accurate and lower quality, at 180dpi or 72dpi. They will possibly all be re-created at 300dpi in very accurate high quality eventually. Hopefully. Maybe ;-)

    Identification of Original Carts:
    There are many ways to check for an original Coleco-manufactured cart. Most of these can be checked without opening the cart....
    1. All original Coleco PCBs inside have gold fingers with the last pin on the right side slightly shorter than the others. The total length of the exposed gold fingers is less than Telegames PCBs and part of the trace joining to the gold finger is visible.
    2. All Coleco-manufactured labels have a small taper at the top where it folds over onto the end of the cart and all labels have a small radius on the corners. Nowadays all original labels are a bit worn and scuffed even if they were rarely used.
    3. All original Coleco cart shells have two silver round-head screws under the label holding the case together. Telegames carts use black countersunk screws.
    4. Most Coleco PCBs have 'COLECO' and a year written on the PCB somewhere.
    5. Coleco USA carts have 'COLECO MADE IN U.S.A.' molded into the rear plastic shell.
      Coleco USA PCBs have some gold fingers missing.
    6. CBS Coleco carts have a different shell with 2 square cutouts near the top.
      CBS Coleco PCBs have all the gold fingers present but some don't have a trace joining to it.
      CBS Coleco labels are slightly narrower than the Coleco USA version and have a large white area with black text and also showing the CBS logo.
      CBS Coleco back of the shell does not have any text molded into it but it has a recessed rectangle at the top 66mm x 8mm.
    7. Other 3rd Party Carts:
      Parker Brothers cart shells have an angled recess in the top with one screw and the label is also cut angled. Telegames copies have a square label with large black borders and two screws since they are using the generic modified Coleco USA style cart.
      Activision cart shells have 'Activision' molded into the plastic. The PCB has 'ACTIVISION' and the year written on the back.
      Imagic cart shells have a unique shape with a 'handle' at the top. Telegames copies use a knock-off of the Activision cart without any text molded into the plastic and a generic silver label.
      Xonox cart shells have a unique shape with a wider top section. Telegames copies use a knock-off of the Activision cart without any text molded into the plastic and a generic silver label.
    If ALL of these are not matching on your cart, suspect a fake, a re-make/re-production or a Telegames copy.
    Telegames copies have longer gold fingers all the same length and the back shell is different and plain. Inside, the PCB is a very nasty cheap copy with a single EPROM. On games that 'appear' to use original labels (for example Antarctic Adventure, Evolution, Dam Busters, 2010) the labels are very glossy and the text does not line up exactly with how the original text was printed. For example on the original Antarctic Adventure label the 'y' in 'Industry' lines up with the space between the words 'Konami' & 'and'. Check my re-constructed label pic at the top next to Antractic Adventure in the master cart list which was recreated from an original Coleco cart. On the Telegames copy the 'y' lines up with the middle n of the word 'and'. This is just one example. There are dozens if not hundreds of minor things that were changed on labels because they were re-created from scratch in-house by Telegames.

    Original Coleco USA -

    Original CBS Coleco -

    Telegames copies -

    Flag Counter

    Other stuff that wasn't released but listed for historical purposes....
    Flying Brassieres (a cart with this title definitely would not pass marketing execs so this definitely doesn't exist) - Atarisoft
    Schtroumpfs (this seems common and many carts exist with this label but the game ROM is just the regular English Smurfs) - CBS 16k
    Make-A-Face (working title Facemaker exists so it seems unlikely Spinnaker would make a different game with a nearly identical title so this doesn't exist) - Spinnaker 16k
    Kung Fu Superkicks (Telegames owns the rights to most Coleco titles so this might have been a re-worked Chuck Norris Superkicks, maybe. But ultimately this doesn't exist) - Telegames 83 16k