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  1. When contacting me, ensure your message is related to the following things...
    - Buying PCBs I have for sale.
    - Loaning or donating PCBs for dumping.
    - Donating funds or arcade PCBs.
    - Other dumping-related things.
    - Inquiring about my repair service and an item you have that you want repaired (such as
       an arcade PCB/console/computer etc).
    - Requesting help with something that is in my area of expertise.

  2. Additionally, many people have also inquired about donating other stuff as thanks for my dumping and MAME-related work.
    Here is a list of things I am interested in.....
    - Anything Commodore related such as Commodore computers (C64/Amiga),
       Commodore peripherals, carts, add-ons (incl. modern remakes/add-ons), loose chips etc.
    - Commodore monitors.
    - Old game consoles / game carts / discs (including modern 'remakes' like C64 Mini, C64 Maxi etc).
    - Old PC related items such as add-in cards (video / sound cards etc) or other PC-related parts.
    - Old laptops.
    - Old software for Commodore computers and PC.
    - Virtually any other retro items that are interesting.
    - Any other random item(s) you think I might be interested in.

    You can contact me via email.....
  • xx.x.xxxx@yyyyy.zzz (yes, this is intentionally obfuscated)
    replace x's with mr t guru
    replace y's with gmail
    replace z's with com
    Note the dots between the x's are part of the email and should also be included in the email address.

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