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Have you noticed how many LEACHING bastard companies are springing up from nowhere and are soliciting 'their' datasheets and selling them? One of the SOB's even has the word 'free' in their name! This is seriously sick, there's nothing 'free' about that company.
Ever tried to search for a datasheet just to get a basic pinout or just find out what it is and got nothing but links from those same assholes? Yeah, I hate that too! Ever google for something like 'MBM29F160 datasheet' and just got a
H-U-G-E amount of links for another mob of assholes with sites having endless lists of IC's for sale that they obviously a) Don't have. & b) Don't know what they are anyway! Grrr!

But there is good news on the horizon....
There are a few sites out there offering free datasheets (for various reasons). If you're looking for a datasheet, give them a try. Note that some of these require you to sign up but they are Guru-Verified-Free(
(in such case, just use a bogus name and make a hotmail account to get their stupid login name/pass if required ;-))    Requires sign-up, but a very large selection of datasheets online    Polish site, nice datasheets and nice logos too :-)

Also, don't forget to look for an official manufacturer web site because many of them have archives of obsolete datasheets online! The last site above has a good links page of official manufacturer web sites as well.

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