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Namco System 11 and 12 PCBs

This page hosts a listing of all known Namco System 11 and System 12 games so I can keep track of what is dumped and what is still needed.
Please note the following.....
  1. I have not dumped ALL of the games listed in green, but I do own many of them and I have dumped all the boards I have access to (marked with *) including redumping some that other people did in the past that were bad/incomplete and ALL my dumps are good ;-)
  2. The remaining undumped System 11/12 games are likely to be extremely rare and probably expensive. They are very time consuming to dump and require an extreme level of dumping skill and time and patience beyond what most people have. I have lots of equipment, 20+ years of experience, lots of skill, lots of time (I retired from working a normal day job in 2015). The tiny TSOP48 Flash ROMs are extremely fragile (1mm thick), have 48 legs spaced apart by only 0.5mm and can be snapped in half with two fingers or blown-up/cracked if over-heated. When removed they have old solder on them, likely with that old solder shorting the legs together and must be cleaned properly so they look like new before reading them with an EPROM programmer. They should not be messed with unless you have the proper equipment and years of experience with surface mounted soldering. Don't take the risk of destroying your precious board... send it to me and I'll dump it properly and the board will still be in working condition. Or you can play Russian Roulette with your rare and undumped board and see what happens. You've been warned ;-)
  3. If you would like to donate towards buying Namco System 11 or 12 games, go to this page
  4. If you want to donate/loan some Namco System 11 or 12 PCBs or sell me your undumped board(s), contact me
Not Available
Fully Dumped but not working in MAME
Working in MAME

N A M C O   S Y S T E M 11   G A M E S
- I have dumped all the PCBs with * before the game name (22=62%). Some of the boards are not available (sold or returned)

Game Name

Code ROM Status Prot. IC Comments
Dancing Eyes (World, 1996) DC2/VER.B GOOD C431
Dancing Eyes (US, 1996) DC3/VER.C GOOD C431
Dancing Eyes (Japan, 1996) DC1/VER.A GOOD C431
*Dunk Mania (World, 1995) DM2/VER.C GOOD C410
*Dunk Mania (Japan, 1995) DM1/VER.C GOOD C410
*Family Bowl (Japan, 1997) FB1/VER.A GOOD none
*Family Bowl (World, 1997) FB2/VER.A GOOD none
*Gunbarl (Japan, 1999) GNB1/VER.AGOOD C443
Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (Japan, 1998)KQT1/VER.AGOOD C443
Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (Japan, 1998)KQT1/VER.BGOOD C443This version sticker has been seen but it was re-used and over-written with Point Blank 2 at the factory
*Pocket Racer (Japan, 1996) PKR1/VER.BGOOD C432
*Point Blank 2 (World, 1999) GNB2/VER.AGOOD C443
*Point Blank 2 (World, 1999) GNB2/VER.?GOOD C443
*Point Blank 2 (US, 1999) GNB3/VER.AGOOD C443
*Prime Goal EX (Japan, 1996) PG1/VER.A GOOD C411
*Soul Edge Ver. II(Asia, 1996) SO4/VER.C GOOD C409
*Soul Edge Ver. II(US, 1995) SO3/VER.C GOOD C409
Soul Edge (World, 1995) SO2/VER.A GOOD C409
*Soul Edge (US, 1995) SO3/VER.A GOOD C409
*Soul Edge (Japan, 1995) SO1/VER.A GOOD C409
Star Sweep (World, 1997) STP2/VER.AGOOD C442
Star Sweep (Japan, 1997) STP1/VER.AGOOD C442
*Tekken (World, 1994) TE2/VER.C GOOD none
*Tekken (Asia, 1994) TE4/VER.C GOOD none
*Tekken (World, 1994) TE2/VER.B GOOD none
*Tekken (Japan, 1994) TE1/VER.B GOOD none
Tekken 2 Ver.B (US, 1996) TES3/VER.DGOOD C406
*Tekken 2 Ver.B (US, 1995) TES3/VER.BGOOD C406
Tekken 2 Ver.B (World, 1995) TES2/VER.BGOOD C406
*Tekken 2 Ver.B (Japan, 1995) TES1/VER.CGOOD C406
Tekken 2 Ver.B (Japan, 1995) TES1/VER.BGOOD C406
*Tekken 2 (World, 1995) TES2/VER.AGOOD C406
*Tekken 2 (US, 1995) TES3/VER.AGOOD C406
Xevious 3D/G (World, 1995) XV32/VER.BGOOD C430
Xevious 3D/G (World, 1995) XV32/VER.AGOOD C430
Xevious 3D/G (World, 1995) XV31/VER.AGOOD C430

You will find more detail about the hardware by checking my "Guru-Readme" in the MAME source code....

N A M C O   S Y S T E M 12   G A M E S
- I have dumped all the PCBs with * before the game name (39=73%). Some of the boards are not available (sold or returned)

Game Name

Code ROM Status Prot. IC Comments
*Attack Pla Rail (Japan, 1998) AP1/VER.A GOOD KC032Uses an I/O board
*Aqua Rush (Japan, 1999) AQ1/VER.A1 GOOD KC053
Derby Quiz My Dream Horse (Japan, 1998) MDH1/VER.A2 GOOD KC035
*Ehrgeiz (World, 1998) EG2/VER.A GOOD KC021
*Ehrgeiz (US, 1998) EG3/VER.A GOOD KC021
Ehrgeiz (Japan, 1998) EG1/VER.A GOOD KC021
Fighting Layer (Asia, 1998) FTL3/VER.A GOOD KC037
*Fighting Layer (Japan, 1998) FTL0/VER.A GOOD KC037
*Ghoul Panic (World, 1999) OB2/VER.A GOOD KC045
*Golgo 13 (Japan, 1999) GLG1/VER.A GOOD KC054
*Golgo 13 Kiseki no Dandou (Japan, 2000)GLS1/VER.A GOOD KC059
Gunbarl (Japan, 1999) GNB4/VER.A GOOD KC042
*Kaiun Quiz (Japan, 1999) KW1/VER.A GOOD KC050
Kart Duel (Japan, 2000) KTD1/VER.A GOOD KC057
*Libero Grande (World, 1997) LG2/VER.A GOOD KC014
Mr. Driller (US, 1999) DRI3/VER.A2 GOOD KC048
*Mr. Driller (Japan, 1999) DRI1/VER.A2 GOOD KC048
Oh! Bakyuuun (Japan, 1999) OB1/VER.A GOOD KC045
*Paca Paca Passion (Japan, 1998) PPP1/VER.A2 GOOD KC038
*Paca Paca Passion 2 (Japan, 1999) PKS1/VER.A GOOD KC046
*Paca Paca Passion Special (Japan, 1999)PSP1/VER.A GOOD KC052
*Point Blank 2 (World, 1999) GNB5/VER.A GOOD KC042
*Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden 3 Arcade Edition (Japan, 1997) TR1/VER.A GOOD KC019
*Soul Calibur (Asia, 1998) SOC14/VER.C GOOD KC020
*Soul Calibur (Asia, 1998) SOC14/VER.B GOOD KC020
Soul Calibur (World, 1998) SOC12/VER.A2GOOD KC020
Soul Calibur (US, 1998) SOC13/VER.C GOOD KC020
*Soul Calibur (US 1998) SOC13/VER.B GOOD KC020
*Soul Calibur (Japan, 1998) SOC11/VER.C GOOD KC020
*Soul Calibur (Japan, 1998) SOC11/VER.B GOOD KC020
*Soul Calibur (Japan, 1998) SOC11/VER.A2GOOD KC020
*Super World Stadium '98 (Japan, 1998) SS81/VER.A GOOD KC025
*Super World Stadium '99 (Japan, 1999) SS91/VER.A3 GOOD KC043
*Super World Stadium 2000 (Japan, 2000) SS01/VER.A GOOD KC055
*Super World Stadium 2001 (Japan, 2001) SS11/VER.A GOOD KC061
*Techno Drive (Japan, 1998) TH1/VER.B GOOD KC056
Tekken 3 (World, 1996) TET2/VER.E1 GOOD KC006
Tekken 3 (World, 1996) TET2/VER.D GOOD KC006
*Tekken 3 (World, 1996) TET2/VER.B GOOD KC006
*Tekken 3 (World, 1996) TET2/VER.C GOOD KC006
*Tekken 3 (World, 1996) TET2/VER.A GOOD KC006
Tekken 3 (US, 1996) TET3/VER.D GOOD KC006
*Tekken 3 (US, 1996) TET3/VER.A GOOD KC006
*Tekken 3 (Japan, 1996) TET1/VER.E1 GOOD KC006
Tekken 3 (Japan, 1996) TET1/VER.A GOOD KC006
Tekken Tag Tournament (World, 1999) TEG2/VER.C1 GOOD KC044
*Tekken Tag Tournament (US, 1999) TEG3/VER.C1 GOOD KC044
*Tekken Tag Tournament (US, 1999) TEG3/VER.B GOOD KC044
Tekken Tag Tournament (Japan, 1999) TEG1/VER.C1 BAD KC044
*Tekken Tag Tournament (Japan, 1999) TEG1/VER.B PARTIALKC044Needs FL ROMs dumping from any TEG1 board because they are different on the Japanese version
*Tekken Tag Tournament (Japan, 1999) TEG1/VER.A3 PARTIALKC044
Tekno Werk Like Keyboardmania. Extremely low distribution numbers since the game is really just junk so unlikely to ever be found and dumped
*Tenkomori Shooting (World, 1998) TKM2/VER.A1 GOOD KC036
*Tenkomori Shooting (Japan, 1998) TKM1/VER.A1 GOOD KC036
*Truck Kyosokyoku (World, 2000) TKK2/VER.A GOOD KC056Uses an I/O board and CDROM
Um Jammer Lammy BOARD: NO DUMP CD has been re-ripped the approved way with CDRDAO and named correctly to 'UL1-A'. Dumping main board is extremely unlikely

You will find more detail about the hardware by checking my "Guru-Readme" in the MAME source code....

Updates will follow as more games are discovered and dumped......

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