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This page details the status of Model 3 dumps. The official Model 3 'emulation' WIP page is over at

Please note the following.....
  • If you would like to donate towards buying a Sega Model 3 PCB, contact me.
  • If you want to donate/loan some PCB's, contact me.
  • There is absolutely no documentation available about the technical details of Model 3 hardware. Eveything that has been done so far was achieved without any documentation. Note though that some info is known about the majority of the chips used to generate the 3D as most of them are not custom parts, but off-the-shelf components made by other  manufacturers. To progress further and more accurately with Model 3 emulation, some _serious_ info on the hardware is needed. Most of this info is classified and unreleased. If anyone happens to have access to info on the custom IC's used on Model 3 PCB's or the secret region-changing codes for Model 3 boards, please let us know!
  • Also remember, none of the games are really playable due to many aspects of the hardware not being emulated and the very slow speed that they run at.
  • This listing is taken from All errors and corrections should be directed to Sixtoe ;-)
  • Also note that some of the Model 3 games that are still not dumped are available for purchase from PCB shops, but they're around US$700 each.



Dumped, but either untested in the emulator, or it's unknown if the set is good or bad due to emulation related problems.
Dumped and OK
Not Dumped... yet ;-)
Dumped BUT BAD or only partially dumped (I.E. We need to buy or loan the PCB or ROMs again and redump it.)

M O D E L  3
(All step revisions included in one listing in alphabetical order)
General Comments: Very preliminary.

Game Name

Status Comments
Boat Race GP ND  
Daytona USA 2 GOOD  
Daytona USA 2 Power Edition GOOD  
Dirt Devils GOOD  
Emergency Call Ambulance GOOD  
Fighting Vipers 2 GOOD  
Harley Davidson GOOD  
LA Machine Guns: R.O.T.M. GOOD  
Le Mans 24 GOOD  
Magical Truck Adventure GOOD  
Scud Race / Super GT GOOD / GOOD  
Scud Race Plus GOOD  
Sega Bass Fishing / Get Bass GOOD / GOOD  
Sega Rally 2 GOOD  
Ski Champ GOOD  
Spike Out GOOD  
Spike Out Final Edition GOOD  
Star Wars Trilogy GOOD  
The Lost World GOOD  
The Lost World Special ND  
The Ocean Hunter GOOD  
Virtua Fighter 3 (Rev. C) GOOD  
Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle GOOD  
Virtua Striker 2 GOOD  
Virtua Striker 2 '98 GOOD  
Virtua Striker 2 '99 GOOD  
Virtual On 2 GOOD  

Updates will follow as I find out more......  

If you want to see more games here, please consider donating.