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Global PCB Index
This page lists everything that I have dumped or have/had in my possession since December 1999. Note that a lot of my early dumps were bootleg alt. sets and/or original alt. sets. If a game is listed twice (or more) it means I dumped multiple versions of it.

This is presented as a simple text listing as a general 'overall status' list. Unfortunately I don't have time to maintain this page with a cross-reference to all of the other pages on this site where the actual games were listed previously. So this single up-to-date list is what you get as a solution between perfection (i.e. everything cross-linked and updated) and nothing (i.e. a seriously out of date page as it was before). Note that the updates on this page usually follow after new things arrive, so this page can be behind to what has actually arrived. Check my news page for up-to-date arrivals :-)
In any case, the newest arrivals are usually pasted at the bottom of this page until I sort them into the main list.

Please note the following.....
  • If you want to donate/loan/buy PCBs, contact me.
  • If you want to see more games in MAME, please consider donating.
  • Some of the games listed are not dumpable due to lack of device support in the EPROM Programmers that I have. Some will require expensive hardware to be purchased in order to dump them. Some may never be fully dumped due to the previous reasons.
  • Strike-through games are dumped.(i.e. Game Name, Company, Year)
    - Games in GREY are returned/sold or not available (i.e. I don't have it now).
    - Games in BLUE are on loan and are not for sale or has been purchased by someone.
    - Games in GREEN are not for sale.
    - Games in BLACK have been processed and are probably for sale or just sitting here in boxes.
    - Games in BLACK without strike-through are either not processed yet or not found yet.
  • - Games in RED are not fully dumpable at this time. Usually most of it is dumped, but some part of it can't be dumped. That could be because of lack of device support in _any_ of my EPROM readers with one or more storage devices located on the PCB, or due to undumpable protection devices such as MCUs. Any assistance with these issues is welcome.
    For undumpable PCBs, the letter in brackets after the game gives info on why.
    T = Trojan Required. Not easy
    D = Decapping or similar de-protection techniques like UV security bit erasure. Not cheap or easy.
    U = Unsupported devices. Addition support depends on cooperation of EPROM Programmer manufacturer to my addition requests. Usually cooperation is ZERO without supplying expendible samples of the chip (which we don't have!)
    ? = No idea if anything can be done
    Note that some of the D/T/U/? will never be done.
    With that in mind, 'D' at least depends on the availability of serious funds. If you have a spare $5K - $10K, let me know :-)
  • As with any large list, there are probably mistakes... PCBs listed as sold that I have or PCBs listed as here that are sold. Also, games listed as dumped that are not dumped and games that are listed as not dumped that are dumped. There are also probably many games missing from the list that were dumped on-location and were not recorded. Corrections are welcome.
  • Many of these were purchased with donations, or donated by other people. I say 'Thank You' to everyone involved. My apologies for not mentioning your name in lights here. Please check my 'Thank You' page for credit details.
  • A large proportion of these were purchased with my own funds. I probably spent around $50000 in total on PCBs and equipment. Some of the items that are listed as 'not for sale' are either ones I bought myself, or items I am holding for various reasons.

These are not dumped....
Arcana Heart FULL (Atrativa 2007)
Arcana Heart FULL ROM Upgrade (Atrativa 2007)
14-in-1 CPS1 bootleg
An old (unknown) cart with a 6801 MCU
Chara Medal Island Pocket Monsters Sonansu ga Koronda (ROMs only)
Chara Medal Island Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri no Tyoukessen (ROMs only)
Neo Geo mainboard with SMD SOP40/SOP32 ROMs)
and a couple of large boxes full of stuff...

Everything below here is dumped...
6 Epoch Cassette Vision carts... contains single chip uPD77x
Baseball (uPD778C), Monster Mansion (uPD777C 009), Battle Vader (uPD774C)
Yosaku (uPD777C 005), Monster Block (uPD777C 013), Galaxian (uPD777C 007)

GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou (Namco System 10)
Taiko no Tatsujin 2 (Namco System 10 ROM board and CD)
Taiko no Tatsujin 4 (Namco System 10 ROM board and CD)
Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi (Namco System 10)
Gahaha Ippatsu-dou 2 (Namco System 10)
Seishun Colorful Highschool (Namco System 10)
Taiko no Tatsujin 3 (Namco System 10)
Taiko No Tatsujin 4 (Namco System 10)
Taiko No Tatsujin 5 (Namco System 10)
Taiko No Tatsujin 6 (Namco System 10) and CD
one Konami Beatmania III Dallas i-button security dongle (game unknown, possibly beatmania III
5 RCA Studio II carts: TV School House I, TV School House II:Math Fun, Biorhythm, Fun With Numbers, Gunfighter/Moonship Battle
Victory MPT-02 console (for BIOS dump)
2 carts for Victory MPT-02: Concentration Match, Star Wars
Mustang 9016 Telespiel-Computer (for BIOS dump)
4 carts for Mustang 9016 Telespiel-Computer: Mathematische Spiele, Konzentrationsspiele (Memory), Krieg der Sterne, Flipper
1 on 1 Government (ZN1 hardware)
1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally
15 Watara Supervision carts: Dream World, Happy Race, Space Fighter, Kung-Fu Street, Thunder Shooting, Kitchen War, Untouchable, Bubble World, Hero Hawk, Scaffolder, Chinese Checkers, Climber, Pacific Battle, Recycle Design, Popo Team.
18 Hole Pro Golf (Data East)
1942 bootleg called '42'
1945K-III (Oriental, 2000)
2 security carts (DrumMania 7th Mix & GuitarFreaks 8th Mix) (?)
4-in-1 PCB (bootleg)
39-in-1 PCB (bootleg)
48-in-1 PCB (bootleg)
60-in-1 PCB (bootleg)
9 Ball Shootout (E-Scape Intermedia & Bundra Games, 1993)
98 Grand Prix
10 Yard Fight
10 Yard Fight
Aero Fighter
A Box of discrete game boards (mostly Pong type games. No CPU, nothing to dump)
A couple of Sega Megatech carts, Great Golf & Tetris
Ace Driver
Ace Driver Victory Lap
Acrobat Mission (Taito/UPL, 1991)
Act Fancer (Data East)
Air Attack / Kuusyuu
Air Combat 22 (Namco, 1995)
Air Duel
Air Duel
Air Gallet (Banpresto, 1995)
Air Trix (Sega Hikaru)
Alcon (Taito, 1985, with 68705P5 MCU) (D)
Alien 3: The Gun
Alien Syndrome (Mega Tech cart)
Alpha Mission
Alpine Racer (Namco, 1995)
Alpine Racer 2 (Namco, 1996)
Alpine Surfer (Namco, 1996)
Amatelass (Nichibutsu, 1986)
Angel Kids (Sega)
Angel Kiss (Jaleco, 1995)
Animalandia Jr.
Apache 3 (Tatsumi)
APF-M1000 and 9 carts: Catena, Bowling/Micro Match, Boxing, Pinball/Dungeon Hunt/Blockout (with 3 versions), Casino 1:Roulette/Keno/Slots, Brickdown/Shooting Gallery, Blackjack, UFO/Sea Monsters/Break It Down/Rebuild/Shoot (with variations), Hangman/Tic Tac Toe/Doodle
Aqua Jack
Aqua Jet (Namco, 1996)
Aqua Rush (Namco, 1998)
Arch Rivals
Area 51 (Atari, 1995)
Area 51 (Atari, 1996, Time Warner version)
Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo (Atari, 1998)
Area 51 Site 4 (Atari, 1998)
Ark Area
Arkanoid 2
Arm Champs II
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (Sega, 1989, Megatech cart)
Asterix (Konami, 1992)
Astro Ambush (Falcon, 1981)
Astro Fighter (Data East, 1979)
Asura Blade (Fuuki Co Ltd, 1998)
Asura Buster
Atomic Punk
Atomis Wave Main System (Sammy, 2003)
Auscom Host Invaders CD
Avengers (Capcom, 1987)
Avengers in Galactic Storm (Data East, 1996)
B Rap Boys (Kaneko, 1992) (D)
Back Fire! (Data East, 1995)
Bad Dudes V's Dragon Ninja (DataEast)
Bakuretsu Breakers (Kaneko, 1992)
Balloon & Balloon (Eolith, 2003)
Bad Dudes vs The Dragon Ninja
Battle Arena ToshindenII
Battle Ranger
Birdie Try
Birdie Try
Black Tiger
Blomby Car
Bandai Pippin firmware/OS board
Bank Panic (Sega, 1984)
Bass Angler
Batman Forever (Acclaim, 1996)
Battle Bakraid (8ing, 1999)
Battle Balls (Seibu, 1995)
Battle Cruiser M12
Battle Ranger (Data East, 1988)
Battle Tryst (Konami M2 hardware)
Battle Wings (DataEast)
BC Story (Semicom, 1997)
Beast Busters - Second Nightmare (SNK, 1998, HNG64)
Beastorizer (8ing, 1997)
Beatmania II DX PCB + HDD (Konami, 1999, not working)
Beatmania II DX CDROM - GQ863 A01
Beatmania II DX CDROM - GQ863-JA B01 (x2)
Beatmania II DX video CD - GQ863 A04 (x2)
Beatmania II DX dongle 863A02 (U)
Beatmania II DX 2nd style CDROM - GC985 A01
Beatmania II DX 2nd style VIDEOCD - GC985 A04
Beatmania II DX 7th style CDROM1 - B44JAA01
Beatmania II DX substream VIDEOCD - GC983 A04
Behind Enemy Lines (Sega, 1998)
Best of Best, 1994 Suna
Big 10 (some kind of gambling game)
Big Bang (NMK, 1993)
Big Fight (Tatsumi 1992)
Billiard Academy Real Break (Nikanihon/Dynax, 1998)
Bio Hazard Battle, Streets of Rage 2, Tecmo World Cup (Megaplay carts)
Birdie King 3 (Taito, with 68705P5 MCU)
Birdie Try (Data East)
Bishou Jan (Smiling Jan)
Black Jack/Poker (Kramer)
Black Touch 96 (DGRM 1996)
Black Touch (1993)
Blade Master (Irem)
Block Buster (Kiwako/ECI, 1983)
Block Buster (Mirco Inc. 197x, no CPU, nothing to dump)
Blomby Car
Bloody Roar 2 (Raizing/8ing, 1998)
Bobble Bobble (Taito 1986) bootleg
Bombs Away (Jaleco)
BoMulEul Chajara
Bonks Adventure (Kaneko, 1994)
Bonze Adventure (Taito)
Boogie Wings (Data East, 1992)
Born to Fight
Bouncing Balls (Comad, 1991)
Boxing Mania (Konami, 2001, Viper h/w)
Brave Blade (Raizing/8ing, 2000)
Bronx (Cycle Shooting bootleg)
Bubble 2000 (Tuning, 1998)
Buck Rogers Zoom 909 (Sega, 1983)
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega, 1983)
Buriki One (SNK, 1999)
Buzzard (Taito, 1984)
Cabal (TAD, 1988)
Cabal (Alpha Trading license, 1989, joystick version)
Caliber 50 (Seta, 1989)
Calorie Kun vs Moguranian (Sega, 1986)
Capcom vs SNK - Millenium Fight 2000 (Capcom/SNK, 2000, NAOMI cart)
Capcom vs SNK : Millenium Fight 2000 Pro (Sega, 2000, NAOMI GDROM disc)
Capcom World 2 - Adventure Quiz (Capcom, 1992)
Captain America & the Avengers (Data East, 1991)
Captain Commando (bootleg)
Carnevil (Midway, 1999)
Casio Loopy and a few carts
Caveman Ninja
Chain Reaction (Data East, 1995)
Chameleon 24
Champion List II (IGS, 1996)
Championship Bowling
Change Air Blade (Sammy, 1999)
Chao Ji Da Man Guan II (Super Slam II,1997)
Chaos Heat (Taito, 1998, GNET)
Chase Bombers (Taito, 1994)
Chase HQ
Chequered Flag
Chicken Farm
China Dragon
China Gate (Technos) (D)
Choky Choky (Semicom)
Choplifter (Sega 1985, original unprotected version without 8751)
Chuka Taisen (Taito, 1988)
Chuugokuryuu II
Club Kart European Session
Cobra Command
Colt (NY Captor bootleg)
Columns III
Combat Hawk (Sega/Sanritsu, 1987)
Confidential Mission (NAOMI GDROM)
Cool Boarders Arcade Jam (Tecmo, 1998, top board only)
Cool Minigame Collection
Cool Riders (Sega H1 System.... dead)
Cosmic Smash (Sega, 2000)
Cosmo (TDS & Mints, 1979/1980)
Country Club (clone of Fighting Golf, SNK, 1988)
Cows Boys of Moo Mesa
Choukou (Capcom 2001, CPS2) (Sent to Charles MacDonald for trojaning)
Crazy Fight (Subsino, 2001)
Crazy Rally
Crazzy Clownz
Critter Crusher EXP
Cross Shooter (JKH Corp, 1987)
Crude Buster
Cruis'n USA
Cruis'n USA (dead)
Cruisin' World
Crush Roller
Crypt Killers (Konami, 1995)
Cuby Pop (HotB, 199?)
Cyber Commando (Namco, 1995)
Cyber Cycles (Namco, 1995)
Cyber Sled (Namco, 1993)
Caliber 50
Crazy Kong
Crime City
Double Dragon II
Dragon Busters
DaeJeon! SanJeon SuJeon
Daikaizyuu no Gyakusyuu (Taito, 1986)
Dance Maniax 2 append J paradise (black cd) A38JAA02
Dancing Stage / Dance Dance Revolution
Dancing Stage feat. True Kiss Destination (jade cd) 884JAA02
Dangerous Dungeons (East Coast Coin Co., 198?)
Dangerzone (Cinematronics, 198x)
Dark Horse Legend (CD + Security cart)
Dark Horse
Dark Mist (Taito, 1986)
Date Quiz Go Go Episode 2, 2000 Semicom
Date Quiz Go Go
Daytona to the MAXX
Daytona USA
Daytona USA Turbo hack
DDR 1st mix (black cd) 845JAB02
DDR 1st mix (jade cd) 845AAA02
DDR 1st mix (purple cd) 845JBA02
DDR 2nd Mix & Beatmania II DX substream Club Version 2 CDROM - GE984 A01(BM) & dongle 984A02 (U)
DDR 3rd mix (black cd) 887JAA02
DDR 3rd mix (pink cd) 887AAA02
DDR 3rd mix (violet cd) 887KAA02
DDR 3rd mix (violet cd) 887KBA02
DDR 3rd mix plus (black cd) A22JAA02
DDR 4th mix plus (black cd) A34JAA02
DDR 5th mix (black cd) A27JAA02
DDR 6th mix-Max (black cd) B19JAA02
DDR 7th mix-Max2 (black cd) B20JAA02
DDR Solo 2000 (black cd) 905JAA02
DDR Solo Bass Mix (black cd) 894JAA02
Dead Or Alive (Tecmo, 1996, Model 2A PCB)
Dead Or Alive (Tecmo, 1996, Model 2B ROM set only)
Dead Or Alive 2 (Tecmo, 2000)
Dead Or Alive 2 Millenium (Tecmo, 2000)
Death Crimson OX (NAOMI ROM cart)
Demolish Fist (Sammy, 2003)
Demon Front (IGS, 2001) (T/D)
Denjin Makai (Banpresto, 1994)
Densya De Go EX
Derby Owners Club (Sega, 1999)
Deroon Dero Dero (D)
Desert War (Jaleco, 1995)
Devil Zone (Universal, 1980)
Dharma Doujou (Metro 1994, Korean)
Die Hard Arcade (Sega, 1996)
Diet Go Go (Data East, 1993)
Diggerman (Face/NGF, 2000)
DJ Boy (Kaneko) (D)
Dock Man (parent of Portman, Taito, 1982)
Do Don Pachi II (Cave, 2001, Korean version)
Do Don Pachi II (Cave, 2001)
Doki Doki Penguin Land (Sega)
Dolphin Blue (Sammy, 2003)
Domino Block (1996 Wonwoo System)
Don Den Lover (Korean bootleg)
Don Den Lover Vol. 1 (Dynax Inc., 199x)
Donchan no Hanabi de Doon Aleck64 cart
Double Dragon 2
Double Dragon
Double Wings (Mitchell, 1993
Dragon Ball Z (Banpresto, 1993)
Dragon Ball Z 2 (Banpresto, 1994)
Dragon Blaze (Psikyo, 2000)
Dragon Bowl (Nics, 1992)
Dragon Buster (Namco)
Dragon Master (Unico, 1994)
Dragon Unit
Dragon World (IGS, 1995)
Dragon World 2 (IGS, 1997)
Dragon World 2 (IGS, 1997, non English region)
Dragon World 3 (Alta Co./IGS, 1998) (T/D)
Dream World
Drift Out '94 - The Hard Order (Visco, 1994)
Drummania 7thMIX power-up ver. CD
DTV2 (C64 in a joystick)
Dunk Dream '95 (Data East, 1995)
Dunk Mania (Namco, 1995, DM1 Ver.C)
Dunk Mania (Namco, 1995, DM2 Ver.C)
Dyger (Alt.)
Dyna Gears (Sammy, 1993)
Dynamic Golf (Sega, 2001)
Dynamic Shoot Kyousou (D)
Dynamite Baseball '99 (Sega, 1999)
Dynamite Baseball Naomi (Sega, 1998)
Dynamite Cop (Sega, 1996, Model 2A)
Dynamite Cop (Sega, 1996, Model 2B)
Dynamite Cop (Sega, 1996, Model 2C, dead)
Dynamite Duke (Japan)
E-Jan Sakura-sou (Seibu)
Eagle Shot Golf (Sammy, 1994)
Ehrgeiz (Namco, 1998, 3 dead PCBs)
Ehrgeiz (Namco, 1998, EG2/VER.A)
Elevator Action (Taito 1982, original SJ hardware, 4-board version without MCU)... same version in MAME as 'elevatob'
Eleven Beat (Hudson Soft, 1998)
Empire City: 1931
Empire City (Seibu Kaihatsu, Taito/Romstar License 1986, original)
Enforce (Taito, 1988)
Enigma 2 (Gameplan, 1981)
Epoch Game Pocket Computer (for BIOS dump) and all 5 carts: Reversi, Mahjongg, Store Keepers, Astro Bomber & Block Maze.
Evil Night & Hell Night - Konami M2 System
Excite League (Sega System 16)
Exciting Soccer
Exotic Dream
Explosive Breaker (parent of bakubrkr, Kaneko, 1992)
Extreme Rally Cart + Mainboard (HNG64)
Exciting Hour
Fighters History
Fighting Golf
Football Champ
Formation Z
F1 Grand Prix Star II (Jaleco, 1993)
Fantasia II (Comad, 1997)
Fantasy Zone II (Sega, not working, dead custom CPU)
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (SNK, 1999)
Field Combat (Jaleco, 1985)
Fighters History (Data East, 1993)
Fighting Fantasy (Alt.)
Fighting Golf (SNK)
Fighting Layer
Fighting Vipers 2
Final Blow (Taito, 1988)
Final Furlong 2
Final Lap 2
Final Lap 3 (Namco, 1992)
Final Lap R (Namco, 1993)
Final Lap
Final Round
Fire Hawk
Fishing Maniac 3
Fist Of The North Star (Atomiswave cart)
Fix Eight (Toaplan, 1990) (D)
Fix Eight (Toaplan, 1990, bootleg)
Flame Gunner
Flying Shark / Sky Shark (Toaplan)
Flying Shark (Japanese version, bootleg)
Flying Tiger
Fortress 2 Blue Arcade
Four Trax
Fujitsu FM Towns Marty computer/console (Main board)
Funky Jet (Japan)
Funny Strip (Microhard, 199?)
G-Darius (Ver 2.02A)
G.I. Joe (Konami, 1992)
Gaelco World Rally
Gaia Crusaders (Noise Factory, 1999)
Gaiapolis (Konami, 1993)
Gain Ground (Sega, 1988)
Galaga (Namco / Midway, 1982)
Galaga 3 (Namco, alt set 3)
Galaxian (bootleg, 1981)
Gallop Racer (Tecmo, 1996)
Gallop Racer 2 (Tecmo, 1997)
Gallop Racer 3 (Tecmo, 1999)
Gals Panic II - Quiz Version (Japan)
Gals Panic II' - Special Edition (Japan)
Gals Panic SU (Kaneko 1999) S2 clone
Games V18.2
Garo-kun Sero-yang
Gate In / Cow Race
Gatsbee (clone of Galaga, Uchida, 1984)
Gauntlet (Atari, 1985)
Gekitoride-Jong Space (Namco / Metro, 2001)
Genix Family (NIX, 1994)
Get Bass
Get Star (Taito, 1986, bootleg)
Ghost Hunter
Ghost Muncher Galaxian (= Pac Man + Galaxian)
Ghoul Panic (OB2/VER.A)
Ghox (Toaplan)
Giant Gram 2000 (Sega, 2000)
Giant Gram Zen-nihon Pro Wrestle 2 (Sega, 1999)
Giga Wing (Asia 990222, top board only)
Giga Wing 2 (Capcom, 2000)
Gigas (Sega, 1986)
Gigas Mark 2 (Sega, 1986)
GNET motherboard (Taito, 1998)
Go 2000, a Korean card type game
Goal '92 (bootleg of Seibu Cup Soccer)
Godzilla (Banpresto, 1993)
Gold Medalist
Golden Axe (Sega System 16B)
Golden Axe (Sega, 1989, Mega Tech)
Golden Fire II (Topis Corp, 1992)
Golden Tee 2k
Golden Tee 97
Golden Tee 98
Golden Tee 99 (Incredible Technologies, 1999)
Golden Tee Classic
Golgo 13 (Namco/Raizing/8ing, 1999)
Golgo 13 Kiseki no Dandou (GLS1/VER.A)
Golly Ghost (Namco, 1990)
Good E Jong Kachinuki Mahjong Syoukin Oh!!
Gotcha (Dongsung 1997)
Gouketsuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct Japan)
Gouketsuji Ichizoku Saikyou Densetsu (Power Instinct Legend)
GP 500 (Namco, 1999)
Gradius (Konami Bubble version) (Sent to Charles MacDonald)
Gradius 4: Fukkatsu (Konami, 1998)
Grand Slam Tennis (Mega Play)
Grand Striker (Human, 1993)
Grand Striker 2 (Human, 1996)
Grand Tour (IGS, 1993)
Great 1000 Mile Rally 2 USA
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 (Kaneko, 1995)
Great 1000 Miles Rally
Great Sluggers (Namco, 1993)
Grobda (Namco, 1984)
Ground Effects (Taito, 1992)
GTI Club, Konami (1996)
Guardian Storm (Afega, 1998)
Guardians / Denjin Makai II (Banpresto, 1995)
Guilty Gear Isuka (Sammy, 2004, Atomiswave cart)
Guilty Gear X NAOMI cart
Guilty Gear XX (NAOMI GDROM disc)
Guitar Freaks (CD only)
Gulf War II (Comad, 1991)
Gumbo (Min Corporation, 1994)
Gun & Frontier (Taito, 1990)
Gun Ball (Data East, 1992)
Gun Fight (Midway, 1975)
Gun Force (Irem, 1991)
Gun Force (Irem, 1991)
Gun Force II (Irem, 1994)
Gun Force II (Irem, 1994)
Gun Master
Gun Nail (NMK, 1993)
Gun Spike NAOMI cart
Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code: Veronica
Gunbarich (Psikyo, 2001)
Gunbird 2, Psikyo (1998)
Gundam Ex Revue
GundHara (Banpresto, 1995)
Gyruss (Konami ,1983)
Hi Pai Paradise (Aleck64 cart)
Halley's Comet (Taito, 1986)
Hana Ginga
Hana Gokou
Hana Tengoku
Hang Pilot
Harley Davidson (Sega, 1998)
Hatch Catch (Semicom, 1995)
Haunted Castle (Konami, 1988)
Head On (Irem M15 Hardware, 1979/1980))
Head Panic (ESD/Fuuki, 2000)
Heated Barrel (TAD, 1992)
Heaven's Gate (Atlus, 1996)
Heavy Metal Geo Matrix (Capcom, 2001)
Heavy Smash (Data East, 1993)
Heavy Unit (Taito, 1988)
Hexa (D.R. Korea 199?)
Hidden Catch (World)
Hidden Catch 2
Hidden Catch 3
Hoops 'aka Dunk Dream 96 (Data East, 1996)
Hot Bubble (Afega)
Hot Gimmick Integral (Psikyo, 2001)
Hot Memory
Hot Mind
House of the Dead (Sega, 1997)
Huang Fei Hong
Hyper Athlete (Konami, 1996)
Hyper Crash
Hyper Neo Geo 64 Mainboard (SNK, 1997)
Hyper Pacman (Semicom, with 89C52 MCU) (D)
Heated Barrel
Heavy Barrel
Iron Horse
Indian Battle
Indianapolis 500 (Sega, 1995)
Initial-D Arcade Stage (Sega, 2002, GDROM disc)
IPM Invader
J-League Soccer V-Shoot
Jackie Chan II
Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master (Kaneko 1995)
Jail Break
Jet Wave (Konami, 1996)
Jingy Storm The Arcade (NAOMI GDROM)
Jolly Jogger
Joshi Volleyball (with 8042/8742 MCUs) (D)
Joy Stand Private
Judge Dredd (Aclaim/Midway, 1996)
Jumping Cross (SNK, 1984)
Jumping Pop
Junior Pacman (bootleg)
Justice Gakuen (Capcom, 1997)
Jyangokushi: Haoh no Saihai (Capcom 1999, CPS2) (Sent to Charles MacDonald for trojaning)
Jail Break
Karate Tournament
King of Boxer
Knuckle Bash
Kung Fu Master
Kung Fu Master
Kabuki Z (Taito, 1988)
Kaiun Quiz
Kamikaze Cabbie
Karate Tournament (Mitchell, 1992)
Karnov (with i8751 MCU)
Ketsui (Cave, 2003)
Keyboard Mania 3RD Mix (Konami)
Kick Start Wheelie King (Taito, 1984)
Kiki Kai Kai (Taito)
KiKi Kai Kai (Taito 1986, bootleg)
Killer Instinct (Alt.) (Nintendo/Rare)
Killer Instinct 2
Killer Instinct
King of Dynast Gear
Knights Of Valour Seven Spirits (Atomiswave cart)
Knuckle Bash (Toaplan, 1993)
Knuckle Bash 2 (bootleg)
Knuckle Joe (Taito 1985) bootleg
Koi Koi 2 (a Kiwako table cards game)
Koi Koi Shimasho
Konami 80's Arcade Gallery (Konami, 1998)
Konami's Open Golf Championship (Konami, 1994)
Koro Koro Quest (Japan)
Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan
Kuru Kuru Fever (Aleck64 cart)
Kyros No Yakata (Japan)
Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn
Kyuukyoku no Othello (Success, 1990)
Kyuukyoku no Striker / Last Striker (East Technology/Taito, 1989)
Kyuukyoku Tiger (Taito, 1987) (D)
Lady Frog (Mondial Games, 1990)
Land Breaker (Eolith, 1999)
Landing Gear (Taito, 1995, Taito JC)
Landmaker (Taito, 1998, world prototype)
Laser Ghost (Sega, 1990)
Last Bronx Rev. A (Sega, 1996, romset only)
Last Fighting
Last Fortress - Toride (Metro, 1994)
Lead Angle (Seibu, 1988)
Legend of Hero Tonma
Legend of Heroes
Legend of Kage bootleg (Alt) (Taito)
Legendary Wings
Legionnaire (TAD, 1991)
Lethal Enforcers (Konami, 1992)
Lethal Enforcers II (Konami 1994)
Liberation (Alt.)
Libero Grande
Life Force (Konami)
Live Quiz Show
Lode Runner the Dig Fight Ver. A (Psikyo, 2000)
Lode Runner the Dig Fight Ver. B (Psikyo, 2000)
Long Hu Bang
Lord of Gun (IGS, 1994)
Lovely Pop Mahjong Jan Jan Shimasyo 2
Lucky & Wild (Namco, 1992)
Lup Lup Puzzle
Legendary Wings
Master of Weapon
Mission 660
Mortal Kombat
Mutant Fighter
Mach Breakers Numan Athletics 2 (Namco, 1995)
Macho Mouse (for epoxy block depotting to recover PROMs)
Macross Plus (Banpresto, 1996)
MACS mother board
MACS Yu-Jan cart
Mad Alien (Highway Chase / Mad Rider)
Mad Ball
Mad Donna (Tuning, 1995)
Mad Shark (Allumer, 1993)
Magical Drop +1 (Data East, 1995)
Magical Drop Plus
Magical Drop
Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey (Capcom, 1998)
Magical Zunou Power (STV cart)
Mahjong Almond Pinky
Mahjong Cafe Break
Mahjong Cafe Doll
Mahjong Chuukanejyo (Zhonghua Ernv in Chinese, Dynax 1995)
Mahjong Clinic
Mahjong Crystal 7 (Dynax)
Mahjong Dragon Challenge Tiger II (1998)
Mahjong Electron Base (bootleg, Dynax, 1993)
Mahjong Electron Base
Mahjong Fantastic Love
Mahjong Fight Club (Konami Viper)
Mahjong G-Taste
Mahjong Kojinkyouju (Private Teacher)
Mahjong Mysterious Orient
Mahjong Oh (Warashi, 1999, GNET)
Mahjong Ougon No Pai (Dynax, 1991)
Mahjong Raijinhai DX
Mahjong Raijinpai DX (Dynax)
Mahjong Reach (bootleg)
Mahjong Reach (Dynax, 1994)
Mahjong Shinkirou Deja-vu
Mahjong Summer Story
Mahjong Tenjinpai (Dynax)
Mahjong Tenkaigen (bootleg)
Mahjong Tenkaigen (Original)
Mahjong Tenkaigen (Taiwan, Dynax, 1993)
Mahjong Tenkaigen Part 2
Mahjong Tensinhai
Mahjong The Dai Chuuka Ken
Mahjong The Mysterious World
Mahjong Vegas
Mahjong X-Tal 7 / Mahjong Diamond 7
Major Title 2
Man Guan Cai Shen (Slam Plutus,1998)
Manx TT Superbike (Sega, 1995, Model 2A)
Marine Date (Taito)
Mario Lemieux Hockey (Mega-Tech cart)
Martial Beat (black cd) B47JAB02
Martial Masters (IGS, 2001)
Masked Rider Club Battle Race (Banpresto, 1993)
Master Boy (Gaelco)
Match It (Tamtex, 1989)
Match It 2 (= Sichuan 2)
Maya (Promat, 1994)
Mazin Wars (Mega Play)
Mechanized Attack (SNK)
MegaPlay: Biohazard Battle
MegaPlay: Streets of Rage 2
Meijinsen 2
Meijinsen 3 (Aleck64 cart)
Meikyuu Hunter G (Data East, with i8751 MCU) (D)
Metamoquester (Banpresto, 1995)
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Sega System 18)
Midnight Resistance (Dataeast 1989) bootleg
Midnight Resistance bootleg [68705] for redumping
Midnight Resistance
Mighty Warriors (Elettronica Video-Games S.R.L )
Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally
Mini Vegas 4 in 1
Minigame Cool Collection
Miss Puzzle (Min 1994) different game pictures
Mission Craft
Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting
Mobile Suit Gundam EX Revue (Banpresto, 1994)
Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Zeon (Capcom, 2001, GDROM disc)
Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Zeon DX (Capcom, 2001, GDROM disc)
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam - AEUG Vs. Titan DVDROM and Sony Magic Gate dongle (Capcom/Banpresto, 2003, Namco System 256)
Mocap Boxing (Konami, 2001, Viper h/w, CF card only)
Mocap Golf (Konami, 2002, Viper h/w, CF card only)
Moero Proyakyuu Home Run Kyousou (Jaleco, 1988) (D)
Moero! Justice Gakuen (Capcom, 2000)
Moeyo Gonta!! (aka Lady Killer, Mitchell, 1994)
Mogura Desse (Cabinet Test Board)
Monkey Elf
Monster Farm Jump
Monster Lair (Sega System 16 with 317-0085 CPU)
Monster Maulers (Konami, 1993)
Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu, 1980)
Moonwar (Stern, 1981)
Moonwar II
Mortal Kombat (Yawdim bootleg)
Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat
Mouja (Etona, 199?)
Mr Driller 2 (Namco, 2000)
Mr Driller 2 (Namco, English version)
Mr Driller
Mr Driller G
Ms. Pacman Champion Edition / Super Zola Pac Gal
MuHanSeungBu (SemiCom)
Multi Champ (ESD, 1998)
Multi Champ Deluxe
Mutant Night
Mysterious Universe
Mystic Warriors (Konami, 1993)
Namco Classics Collection Volume 1 (Namco, 1996)
Namco Classics Collection Volume 2 (Namco, 1996)
Name Club ver.3
Nastar (Taito, 1988)
NBA Hangtime
NBA Jam Extreme (Acclaim, 1996)
NBA Jam T.E. (Midway, 1994)
NBA Maximum Hangtime
NBA Play By Play
Neck & Neck (Incredible Technologies, 1992)
Neo Geo single slot PCB (SNK, 1994)
Neogeo Battle Colliseum (Atomiswave cart)
New Dyna Blaster Global Quest (Irem, 1992)
New Hidden Catch
New Japan Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden 4 (Namco, 2000)
New Sinbad 7 (ATW USA Inc., 1983)
Night Raid (Takumi, 2001, GNET)
Night Raid (Takumi, 2001, GNET)
Night Slashers (Data East, 1993)
Nintendo Super System & 3 carts
Nintendo Super System motherboard and carts: Super Mario World, Super Tennis, Amazing Tennis, Lethal Weapon, Super Soccer, Act Raiser, F-Zero, Robocop 3, Contra 3, Addams Family, NCAA Basketball, Irem Skins Game
Noboranka (bootleg)
Nostradamus (Face, 1993)
Nostradamus (Korea)
Office YeoInCheonHa 1.2
Oriental Legend Super
Osman (Mitchell Corp., 1996)
Out Trigger (Sega, 1999)
Over Rev
Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp (missing custom MCU, was decapped ;-)
Paca Paca Passion 2
Paca Paca Passion Special
Paca Paca Passion
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu DX
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu
Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2
Pacland (Namco, 1984)
Pacman PCB with Two Bit Score's 'Super ABC' upgrade kit (on original Midway Pacman PCB)
Painted Lady (Splash)
Pairs (System Ten Co Ltd, 1989)
Pairs Love (Allumer, 1994)
Pang Pang Car
Pang Pang
Panic Road (Taito, 1986)
Panicuru Panekuru (Namco, 2002)
Parallel Turn (Jaleco, 1984)
Pasha Pasha Champ 2 (Dong Sung Wonder Park 1999)
Pasha Pasha Champ Mini Game Festival
Passing Shot (Sega System 16B, 317-0070)
PC-FX main board for BIOS dumping
Penguin Adventure
Perestroikia Girls (Promat/Fuuki, 1993)
Perfect Billiards (bootleg)
Photo Y2K2
Pilot Kids (Sega, 1999)
Pinbot, (Williams/Nintendo, 198x)
Ping Pong Masters '93 (Electronic Devices, 1993)
Pit & Run (Taito, 1984)
PK Scramble
Planet Harriers (Sega Hikaru)
Plasma Sword (top board only)
Pocket Gal Deluxe (Data East, 1992)
Pocket Racer
Point Blank 2 (System 11 GNB4/VER.A)
Point Blank 2 (System 12 GNB5/VER.A)
Point Blank
Polaris (Taito, 1981)
Police Trainer
Poly Game Masters (PGM) System Main Board (IGS, 1997)
Polystars (Konami, 1997)
Pop Bingo (Dooyong, 1996)
Popper / Hard Head bootleg (Suna, 1988)
Pound for Pound (Irem M85)
Power Ball
Power Instinct (Atlus bootleg, 1993)
Power Instinct 2
Power Instinct 3
Power Instinct Legends
Power Spikes (Alt)
Power Stone (Capcom, 1999)
Power Stone 2 (Sega, 2000)
Powerful Baseball '96 (Konami 1996)
Powerful Pro Baseball EX CD + Security cart (Konami, 1998)
Prebillian (Taito, 1986, with 68705P5 MCU) (D)
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Primal Rage II (Atari, 1996)
Prime Goal EX (Namco, 1996, PG1/VER.A)
Private Teacher (Home Data)
Pro Golf (Data East, 198x)
Prop Cycle (Namco, 1996)
Psychic 5 (bootleg)
Psychic Force (Taito, 1996)
Parallel Turn
Prehistoric Isle
Primal Rage
Psychic 5
Psychic 5
Psychic Force 2012
Psychic Force EX (Taito, 1995)
Psycho-Nics Oscar
Psyvair Medium Unit (Success, 2000, GNET)
Psyvair Revision (GNET)
Puckman Pokemon, Genie, 2000)
Punch Mania (red cd) 918JAB02
Punch Mania 2 (Black cd) A09JAA02
Punisher (Bootleg)
Pushman (Comad)
Puzz Loop 2 (Mitchell, 2001)
Puzzle Bang Bang
Puzzle Club (Yun Sung, 2000)
Puzzle Star (IGS, 1999)
Puzzli 2 (IGS, 2001)
Quiz 18-kin (EIM, 1992)
Quiz 6000 Academy, SunA quiz game
Quiz and Dragons (Capcom, 1994, Japan)
Quiz and Dragons (Capcom, 1992, US)
Quiz Daisousa Sen Part 2
Quiz Daisousa Sen
Quiz Mekiromeki Story
Quiz Olympic (Seoul Coin 1985), the first Korean quiz game
Quiz Olympic, 1985 Seoul Coin, another pcb different quiz
Quiz Panikuru Fantasy (NMK, 1993)
Quiz Punch 2, 1989 Space Computer, vertical Korean quiz
Quiz Rouka Ni Tattenasai
Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita
Quiz Tou (Namco, 1995)
R Type (bootleg)
R-Type II
Rabbit (Electronic Arts, 1997)
Racin' Force (Konami, 1992)
Racing Beat
Racoon World (Eolith)
Rad Rally (Sega, 1991)
Radikal Bikers (Atari Games/Gaelco, 1998)
Raiden 2
Raiden [Taiwan]
Raiden DX (Seibu, 1996)
Raiden DX - older (Seibu, 1994)
Raiden Fighters (Seibu, 1996)
Raiden Fighters 2 2000 Operation Hell Dive (Seibu, 2000)
Raiden Fighters 2
Raiden Fighters Jet (Tuning License)
Raiden Fighters Jet (single board version)
Raiden Fighters Jet
Raiden II (Seibu, 1993)
Raiga - Strato Fighter
Rapid Fire (Hanaho Games, 1998)
Rapid Hero (NMK, 1994)
Rapid River (1997, Namco 'Gorgon' h/w)
Rave Racer, Namco (1995)
Ray Crisis (GNET)
Ray Storm (Taito, 1996)
RC De Go! (Taito, 1999, GNET)
RC De Go! (Taito, 1999, English version, GNET)
Real Battle Mahjong King (Game Master System)
Renju Kizoku (Visco, 1994)
Ridge Racer (Namco, 1993)
Ridge Racer 2
Riding Fight (Taito, 1992)
Ring King (Data East, 1985)
Riot (NMK, 1992)
Ripper Ribbit
Rival Schools (Capcom, 1996)
Road Blasters
Road Runner (Midway, 8080 L-board hardware, 1978)
Road's Edge (SNK, 1999)
Robo Wres 2001 (Sega, 1986)
Robocop 2 (Data East)
Rohga (Data East, 1991)
Rolling Extreme (Gaelco) (partially dumped except SSOP70 mask ROMs)
Rough Racer (Sega, 1987)
Run & Gun (2 alt sets, Konami 1993)
Run & Gun 2 (Konami)
Rushing Heroes (Konami, 1997)
Rastan Saga
Run and Gun
Run and Gun
Rush & Crash
Sand Scorpion
Sakura Love
Sea Fighter Poseidon
Section 2
Sector Zone
Shinobi (S16A)
Shinobi (S16B)
Shoot Out
Sky Wolf
Street Fight
Street Fighter II
Super New Challengers
Street Smart
Super Basketball
Super Pang
Super Ranger
S.S. Mission
Sadari (NTC, 1993)
Saiya Gouma Roku (Technos)
Salary Man Champ (Konami, 2001, on System 573)
Salary Man Kintaro (Atomiswave, Sammy)
Samba de Amigo (Sega, 1999)
Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage
Samurai Spirits 2 ROM cart (HNG64)
San Francisco Rush (Atari, 1996)
Sand Scorpion (Face, 1992)
Schmeizer Robo (Hot-B, 1993)
Scud Race (Sega, 1996)
Scud Race Plus
SD Gundam Neo Battling (Banpresto, 1992)
Search Eye Plus ver 2.00
See See Find Out (Icarus, 1999)
Sega Marine Fishing
Sega Megaplay carts (~15)
Sega Model 1 sound board (Sega, 1992)
Sega Rally 2
Sega Rally Pro Drivin' (Sega Rally ROM hack, 199x)
Sega Rally
Seibu Cup Soccer (TAD, 1992)
Sen Jin - Guardian Storm
Sen Kyu (Seibu, 1995)
Sexy Parodius (Konami ,199x, version JAB)
SF-X (Nichibutsu, 1983)
Shanghai Kid
Shanghai Matckibuyu, (Sunsoft / Activision, 1998)
Shanghai Shouryu Sairin (Taito/Activision, 2000, GNET)
Sheriff (Nintendo)
Shocking (Yun Sung)
Shogun Warrior (Kaneko, 199x) (D)
Shootout (Data East, 1985)
Shougi (Alpha Denshi, 1982)
Shougi 2 (Alpha Denshi, 1982)
Shuang Long Qiang Zhu 2 (Double Dragon Chasing Pearl 2,1998)
Shuttle Invader (Omori, 1978/79?)
Sichuan 1
Side By Side 2 (Taito, 1997, Taito JC)
Silk Worm (Tecmo)
Skins Game (Midway, 2000)
Skull Fang (Data East, 1996)
Sky Adventure
Sky Kid
Sky Lancer
Sky Wolf (K & G Co. Ltd., 1987)
Skybase (Omori Electric Co, 1982)
Slam Dunk 2 (Konami, 1996, version JAA)
Slam Masters
Slap Fight (with 68705P5 MCU) (D)
Slash Out (Sega, 2000)
Slash Out GDROM version (Sega, 2000)
Sliver (Hollow Corp., 1996)
Smash Tv
Snow Bros (Toaplan, 1990)
Solar Warrior (Memetron, 1987, with 68705P5 MCU)
Soldier Of Light (Xain'd Sleena/Solar Warrior bootleg)... It's just a Xain'd Sleena bootleg
Sonic (MegaPlay)
Sonic The Fighters (Sega, 1996)
Soul Calibur (Namco, 1998, Rev SOC11 Ver.A)
Soul Calibur (Namco, 1998, Rev SOC11 Ver.B)
Soul Calibur (Namco, 1998, Rev SOC14 Ver.C)
Soul Calibur (Namco, 1998, Rev SOC11/VER.C)
Soul Edge Ver II
Soul Edge Ver. A (Namco, 1995)
Soul Edge Ver. II (SO3/VER.C)
Soul Edge
Souten-Ryu (Taito, 2000, GNET)
Space Bugger (Game-A-Tron, 1981)
Space Encounters- main, sub and sound PCBs (Midway, 1980)
Space Fever / High Splitter / Space Launcher (Nintendo, 1979)
Space Fighter (Data East, 1979)
Space Fighter mkII (Data East, 1979)
Space Guerilla
Space Intruder (Japan)
Space Ship Gomorrah (JP ver of UPL's Bioship Paladin)
Space Stranger (Hoei, 1978)
Spawn (Capcom, 2000)
Special Criminal Investigation (Taito, 1989)
Spectral vs Generation
Speed Racer (Namco, 1995)
Speed Spin (TCH, 1994)
Speed Up (Gaelco)
Sports Jam (Sega, 2001, GDROM)
Squash (Gaelco, 1992, Ver. 1.0)
SS Mission (Comad, 1992)
ST-V main board and 20 carts! (Sega, 1994-1998)
Stadium Hero '96 (Data East, 1996)
Star Blazer (Sega 1983)
Star Gladiator
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
Star Wars Racer Arcade (Sega, on Hikaru hw, 2000)
Star Trigon
Steel Gunner
Stinger (alt, Seibu)
Stone Ball (Art & Magic, 1994)
Strategy X
Street Fight (Alt)
Strato Fighter (Tecmo, 1991)
Street Fighter 2 EX
Street Fighter EX 2
Street Fighter EX Plus
Street Fighter EX top board (Euro)
Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter III New Generation (Capcom, 1997, version 970204)
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper (Sega, 2001, GDROM)
Street Games II (New Image Technologies, 1993)
Street Smart
Stress Busters (STV cart)
Strider 2
Strike Bowling (Taito, 1982)
Strikers 1945 (Psikyo, 1995)
Strikers 1945 II (Psikyo, 1997)
Strikers 1945 III (Psikyo, 1999)
Stunt Cycle (Atari, 1975, original PCB)
Su-Chi-Pai 3 (Jaleco, 1999)
Sunset Riders (Konami, 1991)
Super Basketball
Super Bishi Bashi Champ 1996 Korean
Super Chase
Super Cross II (GM Shoji, 198?)
Super Dodge Ball (Technos, 1987, bootleg with 63701 MCU)
Super Eagle Shot Golf (Seta, 1994)
Super Hana Paradise
Super High Impact (Midway, prototype rev 4.0 09/10/91)
Super League (Sega System 16)
Super Lup Lup Puzzle (Omega System 1999)
Super Mario 1985 bootleg
Super Model (Comad)
Super Monaco GP (Sega, 1989)
Super Punchout (Nintendo, Alt)
Super Puzzle Bobble (GNET)
Super Qix (bootleg)
Super Ranger (Suna, 1988)
Super Real Darwin
Super Real Mahjong Part 4 (Seta, 1993)
Super Real Mahjong Part 5 (Seta, 199x)
Super Real Mahjong Part 6 (Seta, 199x)
Super Real Mahjong Part 7 (Seta, 1997)
Super Real Mahjong VS
Super Slam (Playmark, 1993)
Super Slams (Banpresto, 1995)
Super Triv (Status Games, 1986)
Super Triv III
Super Visual Soccer (Sega, 1994)
Super World Stadium 2000
Super World Stadium 2001
Super World Stadium 98
Super World Stadium 99
Super World Stadium
Super X (NTC, 1994)
Surf Planet (Atari Games/Gaelco, 1997)
Surprise Attack (Konami, 1990)
Suzuka 8 Hours 2
Tai Shan Chuang Tian Guan (1999)
Taisen Hot Gimmick 4 Ever (Japan)
Taisen Hot Gimmick Integral (Japan)
Taisen Puzzle-dama (Konami, 1994, version JAA)
Taisen Tanto-R Sashissu!!
Taiwan Chess Legend (Uniwang, 1995)
Tank (2x discrete boards, Atari/Kee Games, 1974)
Tank Buster (Tehkan)
Tant-R, Korean version, bootleg
Target Ball
Target Hits
Tatakae! Big Fighter (Nichibutsu, 1989, with i8751 MCU) (D)
Technical Bowling (STV cart)
Tecmo World Cup 90 (2 alt's, Tecmo)
Tecmo World Cup Millenium
Teki Paki (Toaplan, 1991) (D)
Tekken 2 Ver. B (Namco, 1995)
Tekken 2
Tekken 3 (Namco, 1996, TET1 Ver.E1)
Tekken 3 (Namco, 1996, TET3 Ver.A)
Tekken Tag Tournament (TEG1/VER.A3) (D)
Tekken Tag Tournament (TEG1/VER.B) (D)
Tekken Tag Tournament (TEG3/VER.C1) (D)
Tekken Ver. B (Namco, 1995)
Tekken Ver. C (Namco, 1995)
Tenkaigen (Dynax, 1991, with protected TMP90P640 MCU) (D)
Tenkaigen (bootleg with unprotected TMP90P640 MCU)
Tenkomori Shooting (Japan)
Tenkomori Shooting (World)
Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 2)
Terra Force
Terraforce (Alt, bootleg)
Tetris (Atari Games 1988) bootleg
Tetris (D.R. Korea)
Tetris (on original Taito Arkanoid h/w)
Tetris (System 16B)
Tetris (Unknown Manufacturer)
Tetris Plus (Jaleco)
Tetris The Grand Master 2+
Tetris The Grand Master 2
Tetris, Afterburner, Super Hang On, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Space Harrier II, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Tech cart)
The Block Kuzushi (ZN1 hardware)
The Crystal of Kings (Brezza Soft, 2001)
The First Funky Fighter
The Hand (Alt.)
The Karate Tournament
The Killing Blade (IGS, 1998)
The King Of Fighters 95 (SNK, 1995)
The King Of Fighters Neowave (Sammy, 2004)
The Last Soldier (Korean release of The Last Blade)
The Legend of Silk Road (Unico, 1999)
The Lost Castle In Darkmist
The Main Event
The Ninja Master
The Outfoxies (Namco, 1994)
The Pit
The Return of Lady Frog (Microhard, 1993)
The Rumble Fish (Atomiswave, Sammy, 2004)
Thunder Dragon 2
Thunder Force AC (Sega 1990, original with 317-0172)(T/D)
Thunder Heroes
Thunder Hurricane (ver UAA)
Thundercade (Seta)
Thundercade (Taito, Romstar USA License, original)... It's just the US version already in MAME.
Tian Jiang Shen Bing (Supernal Weapons, 1997)
Tickee Tickats
Tiger Heli (Taito, 1985, with 68705P3 MCU)
Time Attacker
Time Crisis 2
Time Crisis Rev. A (Namco, 1995)
Time Crisis Rev. B (Namco, 1995)
The Pit
Thunder Dragon
Time Pilot
Top Gun
Top Gunner (bootleg)
Top Racer
Top Secret
Trivia Wiz
Tumble Pop
Title Fight (Sega, 1992)
Title Fight (US)
TMNT (alt, 2 player Oceania version)
Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart
Tokio (Taito, 1986, with 68705P5 MCU)
Tokusyu Butai UAG (= Thundercade)
Tokyo Wars (Namco)
Top Blade V (Crystal System hardware)
Top Gunner (Konami, 1986)
Top Roller (Jaleco)
Toride (Grand Computer) Korean version of Last Fortress Toride 1994 Metro
Total Vice
Tottemo E Jong FEEL SO GOOD!! (Seibu, 1991)
Touch Down Fever II (SNK, 1988)
Tougenkyou / Gladiator 2003 / The Road of Sword
Touken Retsuden 3
Tour Vision PCB and two carts (Final Match Tennis & Formation Soccer, Human, 1990) (?)
Tournament Arkanoid (with 68705P3)
Tournament Golf (Mega Tech)
Tower & Shaft
Track 'n Field Bootleg (Hyper Olympics)
Treasure Hunt (STV cart)
Triple Fun (= Oishii Puzzle)
Triple Hunt including artwork/bezels (Atari, 1977)
Triple Punch (KKI, 1982)
Trivia Madness (World Games)
Trivia Master (Enerdyne Technologies, 1985)
Trogg (Rev 6, proto?) (Midway, 1990)
Truxton / Tatsujin
Tsurugi : The Sword (Konami, 2001, Viper h/w)
Tube It! (HotB, 199?)
Tumble Pop
Turtle Ship
Turtles in Time (Konami, 1991)
Tut's Tomb
Tutankham (1982, a useless already dumped bootleg)
Twin Brats (Elettronica Video-Games S.R.L, 1995)
Twin Squash
Twins (Electronic Devices, 1994)
TX-1 (Atari)
TX-1 (Tatsumi)
TX-1 (Atari version, 1983, original, useful for PROM and PAL dumps)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Midway, 1994)
Ultra Toukon Densetsu
Ultra Toukon Legend (Banpresto, 1993)
Ultraman Club - Tatakae! Ultraman Kyoudai!!
Undercover Cops Alpha Renewal Version, 1992 Irem
Unknown Mahjong (Dynax, 199?)
US Championship V'Ball
USAAF Mustang [UPL 1990]
Usagi (Warashi, 2001, GNET)
V-Goal Soccer (Tecmo, 199?)
Vamp 1/2 (Danbi, 1999)
Vandyke (Jaleco, 1991)
Varia Metal (New Ways Trading Co.)
Vasara (Visco, 2000)
Vasara 2 (Visco, 2001, top board only)
Versus Net Soccer (Konami, 1996)
Victorious Nine (Taito, 1984, with 68705P5) (D)
Vindicators (Atari, newer alternative version)
Violence Fight (Taito, 1989)
Violent Storm (Konami, 1993)
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Cop
Virtua Fighter (Sega, 1992)
Virtua Fighter 3 (Sega, 1997)
Virtua Fighter 4 (Sega, 2001, GDROM)
Virtua Golf (Sega, 2001, GDROM)
Virtua Racing (Sega, 1992)
Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000 (Sega, 1999)
Virtua Striker 2002 (Sega, 2002, Triforce GDROM)
Virtua Striker 3, (Sega, 2001, GDROM)
Vivid Dolls (Visco, 1998)
Volley Ball (alt, Video systems)
Vs Block Breaker (Kaneko, 1997)
Vs. Hot Smash
World Cup '90
Wrestle Fest
War Gods (Midway, 1996)
Wardners Forest / Pyros
Warriors of Fate (US)
WEC Le Mans 24
Where's Wally (Sega System 18, 317-0197B)
Winding Heat (Konami, 1996)
Wink (Midcoin, 198x)
Winning Run
Winning Spike (Konami, 1997)
Witch Card (Video Klein, 198x)
Wiz (Taito 1985) alt version, bootleg
Wonderleague 96 (Semicom 1996)
Wonderleague Star Magicball Fighting (MIJIN 1995)
Woodpecker (Amenip Palcom Queen River, 1981)
Woodpecker (another version, for de-potting)
World Class Bowling
World Cup Volley '95 (Data East, 1995)
World Grand Prix 2
World Kicks (Namco, 2001)
World Rally 2: Twin Racing (Gaelco, 1995)
WWF Royal Rumble (NAOMI cart)
WWF Wrestle Fest (Technos)
X-Files (dfPIX Entertainment Inc. 1999)
Xain'd Sleena
Xevios (bootleg Xevious)
XII-Stag (Triangle Service, 2002, GNET)
XII-Stag (Triangle Service, 2002, GNET)
Xing Yen Man Guan
Xtrial Racing (Konami, 2002, Viper h/w)
XX Mission (UPL, 1986)
Xyonix (Philko, 1989)
Youma Ninpou Chou (Game Electronics, 1986)
Zero Gunner (Sega, 1997)
Zero Point (Unico, 1998)
Zhong Guo Chu Da D (aka 'Big D2', IGS 2000)
Zig Zag (Dig Dug hardware)
Zodiack (Orca, 1983)
Zoku Otenami Haiken (Success, 2000, GNET)
Zombie Raid (Sammy, 1996)
Zombie Revenge (Sega, 1999)
Zippy Racer
Derby Owners Club II NAOMI cart
Gunmen Wars (Namco Super System 23)
Ibara (Cave, 2005)
KOF 2003 (Playmore/SNK)
Mahjong Shangri-la NAOMI cart
Metal Slug 5 (Playmore/SNK)
Microman Battle Charge (Sega STV cart)
Power Smash NAOMI cart
Rumble Fish 2 Atomiswave cart
Samba de Amigo ver.2000 NAOMI cart
Samurai Spirits Tenka-ichi Kenkakuden Atomiswave cart
Sangoku Senki Shichisei Tensei (Knights of Valour) Atomiswave cart
Super Qix (with 8751 MCU) (D)
Virtua Fighter 4 cart (NAOMI 2 ROM cart)
Virtua NBA NAOMI cart
Uchuu Daisakusen Chokovader (Namco System 10)
Ferrari F355 NAOMI cart
3X3 puzzle 1998 Ace enterprise and normal version (6 extra EPROMs)
Heavy Barrel 1989 bootleg joystick version
Sauro 1987 Philko licensed
Stadium Hero 1988 bootleg
Superman 1988 Taito with C-Chip (D)
Thunder Zone 1991 Data East 4p version
Toshiba Visicom console and joystick (a Japanese clone of the RCA Studio II)
1 Epoch Super Cassette Vision cart... Wheelie Racer
Pocket Dream Console (D)
Dai Dai Kakumei
KOF Neo Wave (Atomiswave cart)
The Rumble Fish (Atomiswave cart)
Quiz Oh My Goddess (Naomi cart)
Kiki Kaikai (original Taito with 6801U4 MCU) (D)
Neo Geo 64 I/O board & Naomi I/O board (with Toshiba MCUs for decapping) (D)
Mahjong Jong-Tei (Dynax 1999)
Crazy Dou Di Zhu II (partially dumped)
Tekken 4 (Namco System 246 with DVD and Magic Gate Dongle)
Guardians Of The Hood (Atari) (D)
Extermination (Taito, with 8742 MCU) (D)
Oscar Psycho-Nics (Data East, with 8742 MCU) (D)
Arch Rivals (pals only, Bally Midway, 1989)
Marvel VS. Capcom 2 (NAOMI cart)
X Se Dae Quiz (1995 Dream Island on Zero Team PCB)
Don Den Lover Vol 1 (1995 Korean version Nakanihon PCB)
Vamp 1/2 Europe (1999 Danbi English version)
Midnight Resistance (1990 bootleg joystick version)
Wonder Boy 3 Monster Lair (1988 Sega bootleg)
Won Shi Do (1989 Victor)
Chuka Taisen (1988 Taito, with 8742 MCU) (D)
Metal Black (1991 Taito)
Downhill Bikers and I/O board (Namco System 23)
XTom 3D (Game Vision)
Final Furlong (Namco Gorgon hardware. incomplete, missing program daughterboard)
Crisis Zone (Namco System 23 Evolution 2 hardware, missing IO board)
Tekken 5 (for Namco System 256, DVD only)
Guilty Gear XX Slash (NAOMI GDROM and protection key)
Cross Shooter (with 68705P5, Taito. Loaned to Dox.) (D)
Something by 'Free Enterprise Games' on Konami Scramble h/w
Punk Shot (Konami)
Flying Shark (with TMS320C10, Taito/Toaplan) (D)
Namco System 246 main board with I/O board, DVD drive, DVD ROM for Tekken 4 and security cart and cables
Victory Furlong Horse Racing (Atomiswave cart)
Bad Dudes / Dragon Ninja bootleg
LED Storm - Rally 2011 (Capcom)
NAOMI pieces, incl. 2 main boards, 2 GDROM units, and 2 DIMM units (all non-working)
Vimana (with 647180 MCU, Toaplan) (D)
10 Yard Fight (Irem M58)
Dong Fang Shen Long (Oriental Dragon)
Battle Toads 1994 Rare
Fire Shark 1990 (Doo Yong license) hard version and normal version (2 extra EPROMs) with HD647180 (D)
Mahjong Ichi Ban Jyan
Show Hand(China)
Crazy Dou Di Zhu
Gunforce (Irem M92)
Calibur 50 (Seta)
Ninja Spirit (Irem M72 with 8751 MCU)
Shinobi Sega System 16A PCB
A couple of old Data East PCBs for Toma Hawk and Astro Fighter
Elevator Action Returns (Taito F3, 1989, ASIA revision)
Art Of Fighting (Neogeo cart)
Dogyuun (1992 Toaplan/United Trading License with HD647180)
Senko no Ronde NAOMI GDROM
Shikigami no Shiro II NAOMI GDROM
Melty Blood Actcadenza NAOMI GDROM
Quiz Keitai Q-mode NAOMI GDROM
Super Major League NAOMI GDROM
Virtua Athlete NAOMI GDROM
Spikers Battle NAOMI GDROM
Guilty Gear XX #Reload NAOMI GDROM
Super Shanghai 2005 NAOMI GDROM
Musapy no Chocomarker NAOMI GDROM
Gekitou Pro Yakyuu Triforce GDROM
Lethal Enforcers
Wave Runner (Sega Model 2c)
California Chase (a PC-based Chase HQ ripoff by 'The Game Room')
2 PasoGo consoles with 6 carts (3 carts not dumped yet)
Chanbara (Data East)
Noboranka/Zippybug (original Data East with 8751 MCU) (D)
Bust a Move 2 (ZN1 hardware & 4.3GB HDD)
Route 16 (Sun Electronics with MB8841 MCU) (D)
Tekken (Namco System 11, was thought to be an alt. version but turned out to be TE2/VER.C which is already dumped)
Espgaluda (Cave)
Espgaluda II (Cave)
Mario Kart (Triforce with ROM cart, Namco/Nintendo, 2005)
Time Crisis II and I/O board (revision TSS2 Ver.B)
Lost Worlds (with QFP44 surface mounted ROMs, Capcom)
Motocross Go! (Namco System 23, 1997)
Neo Geo carts (Metal Slug X, 8Man, Cyber Lip, Fatal Fury 2)
Double Dragon 3 (prototype version)
Act Fancer
Alphax Z
Altered Beast
Amidar Amigo
Area 88
Bad Dudes
Bank Panic
Battle Wings
Berlin Wall
Bio Attack
Birdie Try
Black Tiger
Bubble Bobble
Burnin Rubber
Burning Force
Caliber 50
Caveman Ninja
Chase HQ
Chopper 1
Chuka Taisen
Circus Charlie
City Connection
Cobra Command (LD PCB)
Cosmic Alien
Diamond Run
DJ Boy
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Donkey Kong Part 2
Double Dragon (bootleg version 1)
Double Dragon (bootleg with 63701)
Double Dragon (another one!)
Double Dragon 2
Dragon Ninja
Elevator Action (Original Taito)
Elevator Action (bootleg)
Exciting Hour
Final Fight
Flying Shark
Galaga 3 (aka Gaplus, Original Namco PCB)
Galaxian (Original Midway)
Galaxian (Original Namco)
Galaxian bootleg
Galaxian Ghostmuncher (2 games in one)
Hard Drivin'
Fatal Fury (Neogeo cart)
Gallag (bootleg Galaga)
Galaxian (bootleg Pacman h/w)
Ghosts & Goblins
Gladiator (bootleg)
Golden Axe (original Sega)
Golden Axe (bootleg)
Gold Medalist (original SNK)
Green Beret
Gyruss (bootleg)
Hand, The
Heavy Barrel (Original DataEast)
Hyper Olympics (original Konami)
Hyper Olympics (Bootleg)
Iron Horse
Jackie Chan
Jail Break
Jump Bug
Jungle King
Juno First
Kangaroo (bootleg)
Karate Champ (Original DataEast)
Kick N Run
Kid Niki
Killer Instinct (Original Nintendo/Rare PCB/hard drive)
Killer Instinct II (Original Nintendo/Rare PCB/hard drive)
Kung Fu Master
Legendary Wings
Legend Of Kage
Liberation (Original DataEast)
Mad Rider
Mario Bros (Original Nintendo)
Midnight Resistance (Original DataEast)
Mine Field
Missile Command (Original Atari)
Mission 660
Monster Land
Monster Lair
Moon Cresta
Moon Patrol
Mortal Kombat (Original Midway)
Mortal Kombat 2 (Original Midway)
Mr Do
Zig Zag
My Hero
Nastar (Original Taito)
Naughty Boy
NBA Jam (Original Midway)
NeoGeo 1 Slot PCB (Original, With Plastic Housing)
NeoGeo 6 Slot PCB (Original With Metal Housing)
New Zealand Story
Oscar (Original DataEast)
Pacman (bootleg)
Pacman (Namco original)
Pole Position (bootleg)
Pit, The
Pitfall II
Planet Asteroids
Pole Position
Pole Position II
Pound for Pound
Private Teacher (original Home Data)
Psychic 5
Punisher (Original Capcom)
QBert (bootleg)
Qix bootleg
Qix II
Rainbow Islands
Rally X
Rastan Saga
Red Baron (Original ATARI)
River Patrol (bootleg)
Road Fighter (Original Konami)
Route 16 bootleg
RType II (Original Irem)
Rush N' Crash
SDI (Original Sega)
Sai Yu Gou Ma Roku (aka China Gate bootleg)
Super Cobra
Section Z
Shanghai Kid (Original DataEast)
Shaolin's Road
Silver Line
Sky Lancer
Slap Fight
Space Duel (Original PCB)
Space Fever
Space Firebird
Space Invaders (Original Taito PCB)
Space Invaders (Original Midway, L shaped type)
Space Invaders (Original Taito 3 board set)
Space Invaders (bootleg, L shaped type)
Space Panic (Original Universal)
Space Pilot (Time Pilot bootleg)
Special Criminal Investigation (Taito Original)
Special Criminal Investigation (Taito Original)
Sprint 1 (Atari Original)
Super Cobra
Saturday Night SlamMasters (Capcom Original)
Satan of Saturn
Sky Wolf
Spy Hunter
Star Blazer (Sega Original Laser Disc PCB)
Star Rider(Williams Proto) (Interface PCB Only)
Strategy X
Street Fighter 2 (Capcom Original)
Street Fighter 2 (Capcom Original)
Street Fighter 2 (Capcom Original)
Street Fighter 2 (bootleg)
Street Fight (bootleg)
Super Bug (Atari)
Super Contra (original Konami)
Super Ranger (Original Suna)
Super Sprint 2 (by Atari)
Surprise Attack
Tank (Original Atari)
Terra Cresta (bootleg)
Terra Cresta (original)
Three Wonders (Capcom Original)
Thundercade (Original Seta)
Tiger Heli (original)
Tiger Heli (bootleg)
Time Pilot
Toki (TAD Original)
TomaHawk (top PCB only)
Top Secret
Track N Field (Konami Original)
Truxon (Original Toaplan)
Twin Cobra (bootleg)
Unknown Vectorbeam PCB - On PCB is written 80-1001(C)1978 with sound PCB)
Vimana (Original Toaplan)
Vindicators (Atari original including Sound PCB)
Violence Fight (Original Taito)
Wardeners Forest
Warriors Of Fate (Capcom Original)
Western Express
Wonder Boy
World Cup 90
WWF Super Stars
Xain'D Sleena
Xevious (original Namco)
Xevios (Xevious bootleg)
Yie Ar Kung Fu
Zaviga (original DataEast)
Age Of Heroes (Unico 2001)
Panic Park (Namco System 23)
Greyhound Super Poker (for measurements)
Black Tiger (with 8751 MCU) (D)
Bloody Roar 2 USA
Raiden Fighters Jet 2000 (single board version)
Bloody Roar 2 Asia
P's Attack (Uniana)
Triforce (later square model) with in-built 512k SDRAM & GDROM controller
Namco System 246 Rack Ver.C + DVD drive
Namco System 256 + DVD drive
Initial D ver.2 (NAOMI GDROM)
Virtua Fighter 4 (GDROM, just a spare one)
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
Beach Spikers (GD Only, I dumped PIC already)
Kinnikuman Muscle Grandprix
Soul Calibur II Ver D
Soul Calibur III
World Stadium '96 (junk/spare)
Run & Gun (junk/broken)
GI-Joe (junk/broken)
Cafe Paradise
Hanagokou Bangaihen SP
Mahjong Gorgeous Night
Bad Dudes (with 8751 microcontroller) (D)
Crisis Zone and I/O board
Dangerous Dungeons (converted Double Dragon PCB with 63701 MCU) (D)
Virtua Tennis (NAOMI GDROM)
Wild Riders (NAOMI 2 ROM cart)
Brave Fire Fighters (Hikaru hardware)
Teraburst (complete Konami Hornet PCB in metal box with all wiring)
Mocap Golf (complete Viper PCB with I/O board, CF card and full wiring harness)
Midnight Run (Konami ZR107 h/w)
Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate
Puyo Puyo Fever
Under Defeat
Trigger Heart Excelica
Border Down
Flip Maze (Taito G-Net card)
Space Invaders Anniversary (Taito G-Net card)
Capcom Fighting Jam (Magic Gate security dongle only)
Namco Dragon Chronicles (Magic Gate security dongle only)
Status Super Triv III for documenting and measurements
Ameridarts (with TMS320E15 MCU) (D)
Nascar (rom board only, Sega Hikaru h/w)
Soul Calibur 2 (English language Magic Gate security dongle only)
Naomi 2 + Network-Only DIMM board (dead)
Zun Zun Block (Taito, 1979. No CPU)
Kono e Tako (Mitchell, 2003, on Namco System 10)
Moeru Casinyo (NAOMI GDROM)
Usagi 2 Yamashiro Mahjong hen (NAOMI GDROM)
Chaos Field (NAOMI GDROM)
Virtua Striker 4 (Triforce GDROM)
La Keyboard (NAOMI GDROM)
Typing of the Dead (NAOMI ROM cart)
Shikigami no Shiro (G-Net card)
Taiko no Tatsujin 9 (System 246 disc + dongle)
Taiko no Tatsujin 10 (System 246 disc + dongle)
Time Crisis 3 (DVD, security cart and I/O board)
Cows Boys of Moo Mesa (faulty but now repaired)
Mystic Warriors ver. JAA
Sega NAOMI Virtua Golf panel with I/O board + ROM
Hana Jingi PCB (to decap/trojan CPU internal ROM) (D)
Mahjong Cafe Doll CPU (to decap/trojan internal ROM) (D)
Legend of Hero Tonma 8751 MCU (D)
Pound for Pound M85 PALs and BPROMs
Great Sluggers '94
Otenami Haiken (G-Net card)
Shanghai Sangokuhai Tougi (G-Net card)
Samurai Showdown 64 (Hyper Neo Geo 64 cart)
Konami System 573 scrap motherboard for decapping (.....repaired now ;-)
Magicball Fighting (1994 Semicom
Domino block ver 2 (1996 Wonwoo System)
Gondomania (1987 Data East, for 8751 MCU decapping)
Ninja Baseball Batman (1993 Irem)
Raiga / Strato Fighter (1991 Tecmo, for MCU decapping)
Super Mario Bros 3 (bootleg)
TNKIII (1985 SNK bootleg joystick version)
Shadow Force version 3 (1993 Technos)
Stadium Hero (1988 Data East)
Fighting Mania (Konami System 573, not working) (one ROM partially damaged, incomplete dump)(now repaired :)
Ranger Mission (2004, Sammy Atomiswave cart)
Sports Shooting USA (2003 Sammy Atomiswave cart)
World Series '99 NAOMI ROM cart
Mahjong Tycoon
Final Furlong (dead but now repaired and working :-)
Print Club Sabnrio USA Vol.3
Print Club 2 Standard Ver1
Wrestle War
Dirt Dash (Namco Super System 22)
Hacha Mecha Fighter (to decap MCU)
NB1413M3 (Nichibutsu mahjong MCU to decap)
Winning Eleven 2003 (Pyson PCB box and CF card and dongle)
Winning Eleven (different version CF card only, no dongle required to run)
Attack Pla-Rail (Namco System 12)
Danchi de Quiz (ST-V cart)
beatmania clubMIX
Pop'n Music 2 ROMs and HDD
Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix
Sukusuku Inufuku 2
Kidou Senshi Z Gundam AEUG vs. Titans
Kidou Senshi Z Gundam AEUG vs. Titans DX
Tekken 5 ver 5.1
Arcana Heart PCB + ver. 1.5 Flash ROM update
Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002
Guiter Freaks 9 and Drum Mania 8 CDROM and security carts
Mahjong Nenrikishu (IGS)
Mahjong Ryukobou
Mahjong Gekisha
Mahjong Seiryu Densetsu
Mahjong Yarou
Quiz Punch 1988 Space Computer
Super Game 3 1996 Top Industry
LA Girl 1993 Ta Ta Electronics (Play Girls clone)
Shin Ib Sa Won - Seok Dol I 1984 Konami (Mikie Korean bootleg)
Ddang Dda Meok Gi 1990 Inter Trading (Gals Panic clone)
Dark Edge 1992 Sega with 317-0204 FD1149 (U)
Final Tetris 1993 Jeil Computer System
Last Mission 1986 Data East USA with 8751 MCU
TumblePop 1991 Data East bootleg
Extreme Hunting
Extreme Hunting 2
Winding Heat (Ver. JAA)
60-in-1 bootleg
The House Of The Dead 2 (NAOMI ROM cart)
Gun Mania (Konami System 573 + custom top board)
Merit Trivia security brick
Tekken 4 security chip / alt rev
Ninja Assault
Hammer (Andamiro)
Strikers 1945 with PIC16C54
Midway Athens main board (no ROMs, no PIC, nothing to dump)
Fisherman's Bait security cart
KOF NEOWAVE (Japan version)
Konami network unit with 10G 2.5" HDD (for use with System 573, used on Drum Mania 7th to 10th and Guitar Freaks 8th to 11th)
Fire Trap PCB (original Japanese version with MCU for decapping)
A bunch of System 573 protection carts
Sega Tetris NAOMI cart
Logic Pro Adventure by Tecmo on TPS/ZN1 hardware
Print Club Pokemon B STV cart
Funky Ball (dgPIX 1998)
Soul Calibur (SOC14 Ver.B, Namco 1998)
Rapid River (RD2 Ver.C, Namco 1997)
Happy Tour (on Eolith Ghost hardware, 2005)
Death Smiles (Cave)
Time Crisis 4 (Namco)
Wyvern F0 (Taito)
Bygone (Taito)
Powerdrift (Sega)
Turbo (Sega)
Soul Calibur II (alt version Namco System 246 dongle)
Namco 20 Year Reunion (X2, one repaired and working)
Truck Kyosokyoku (with I/O board and CD)
Maximum Speed Atomiswave cart
Puckman Pokimon (Korea)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Federation vs Z.A.F.T System 256 disc and dongle
Donggul Donggul Haerong (Crystal System)
Puyo Puyo Da! (NAOMI ROM cart)
Gundam Federation vs Zeon (NAOMI ROM cart)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.6 - PC based Windows XP version 2002 Embedded server
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.10 (PC server blue disc)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.20 (PC server green disc)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.40 (PC server light blue)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon (Namco System 256 dongle)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.10 (System 256 purple disc)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.20 (System 256 pink disc)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.40 (System 256 orange disc)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.50 (System 256 yellow disc)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon V1.6 (System 256 brown disc X2)
Druaga Online: The Story Of Aon Promotional DVD (approx. 1 hour of video showing game demos and info)
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 Ver.B (Sega Chihiro GDROM GDX-0016A)
Race On! (Namco Super System 23)
Dai 3 Wakusei (Sun Electronics, 1979)
The King Of Route66 Revision A (NAOMI 2 ROM cart)
Ridge Racer V (RRV2 Ver.B) complete unit with I/O board
Ridge Racer V V257 STR PCB steering drive board
Drum Mania 10th Mix and external AMP box (Konami System 573)
ATV Track (Gaelco)
Ridge Racer V (disc and dongle RRV3 Ver.A)
Metal Slug 6 (Atomiswave cart)
Thrill Drive 3 (PS2-based with 40GB HDD)
Code 1 Dispatch (Konami Viper-based hardware)
Special Forces Elite Training and 20GB HDD
Slap Fight alt. version with A76 ROMs and A76 68705P5 MCU
Techno Drive (Namco System 12 hardware)
Date Quiz Go Go 1998 Semicom for decapping
Gals Panic 2 Korean (Model Chat Gi 1993 KARAM)
Gals Panic 3 Korean (1995 Dong Wha)
Ggot Bi Nyu (1997 Barco)
Ggot Bi Nyu special (1997 SHINWHAJIN)
Puzzle Bang Bang Korean (2.9. 990108)
Toride 2 Bok Su Jeon (1994 Yu Jin)
Ultra Champion (1995 Amed)
Zero Team (1993 Dream Soft)
Donkey Kong Junior (Falcon)
Offroad Challenge version 1.50 (Midway)
Return of the Invaders (Taito, with 68705P5 MCU)
Smashing Drive (Gaelco)
Armadillo Racing (Namco Super System 22)
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ (Konami System 573, 3 player version GX876 EA)
Funcube (Namco EVA2E PCB)
Funcube 2 (Namco EVA3_A PCB)
Funcube 3 (Namco EVA3_A PCB)
Shakatto Tambourine! Motto NoriNori Shinkyoku Tsuika!! (2K1 SPR)(GD-ROM and security PIC)
Wangan Midnight (Namco System 246 CD and security dongle WMN1 Ver.A)
Ridge Racer V (Namco System 246 CD and security dongle RRV1 Ver.A)
Bloody Roar 3 (Namco System 246 CD only)
Hide and Seek (slot/poker)
Tonton (Success)
World Station Poker series (x2)
several surplus NAOMI GDROMs and security PICs (all already dumped)
several Konami securty carts for Konami System 573-based games
some Konami Firebeat Dallas i-Button security dongles (Pop'n Music 4, Pop'n Music 5)
some Konami Beatmania II security dongles (beatmania IIDX 5th Style, beatmania IIDX 6th Style)
Donkey King
Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix MIDI board
Mahjong Janshin Plus
Mahjong Dai Touyouken
Return Of Sel Jan II
Nandemo Seal Iinkai
Ferarri F355 Twin with Australian BIOS
Raizing Ping Pong (Taito Type Zero)
Super Dragon Ball Z (System 256 DVD and dongle)
Time Crisis II (TSS4 Ver.A and TSS2 Ver.B)

Yes, believe it or not, I dumped ALL of these listed above. Pretty amazing, isn't it? :-D
98% of these are already dumped, the rest will follow as time and technology allows..... some are not dumpable due
to lack of device support. Now you know where all of these dumps came from and why MAME is so GREAT! :-D

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