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This page lists all the Sega / Sammy Atomiswave carts and their dump status. Only the carts with '*' are secured. This means I have those ones, OR I had them, dumped them and returned them. All other carts are needed. These are time consuming to dump and re-assemble. I'm making progress, slowly. Have patience and you will be rewarded :-)
Please note the following.....
  • If you would like to donate towards buying a Sega / Sammy Atomiswave cart, contact  me.
  • If you want to donate/loan some Sega / Sammy Atomiswave carts, contact me.
  • If you can help out with pics of the carts, or better pics, contact me.

  • Sega / Sammy Atomiswave PCB

    Sega / Sammy Atomiswave boot up screen


    GOOD  Dumped and OK
    ND  Not Dumped

    S A M M Y    A T O M I S W A V E
    General Comments: No problems, all available carts are dumped including those with SSOP70 ROMs.

    Game Name

    Cart Pic Status
    Chase 1929 (2004, maybe cancelled?)
    Clay Challenge (2008)
    Demolish Fist (2003) * GOOD
    Dirty Pigskin Football (2004)  
    Dolphin Blue (2003) * GOOD
    Extreme Hunting (2005) * GOOD
    Extreme Hunting 2: Tournament Edition (2005) * GOOD
    Faster Than Speed (2004) GOOD
    Force Five (2004, maybe cancelled?) ND
    Guilty Gear Isuka (2004) * GOOD
    Guilty Gear X (2003) ND
    Hokuto No Ken / Fist Of The Northstar (2005) * GOOD
    Kenju (2004, maybe cancelled?) ND
    Knights Of Valour : The Seven Spirits (2004) *
    Shin Sengoku Senki
    Maximum Speed (2003) * GOOD
    Metal Slug 6 (2005) ND
    Neogeo Battle Coliseum (2005) * GOOD
    Premier Eleven (2003) ND
    Ranger Mission (2004) * GOOD
    Rumble Fish (2004) * GOOD
    Rumble Fish 2 (2005) * GOOD
    Salaryman Kintaro (2004) * GOOD
    Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (2005) * GOOD
    Sega Bass Fishing Challenge (2009)
    Sports Shooting USA (2003) * GOOD
    Sushi Bar (2003) ND
    The King Of Fighters Neowave (2004) * GOOD
    The King Of Fighters XI (2005) GOOD
    Victory Furlong : Horse Racing (2005) * GOOD

    Updates will follow as I find out more......  

    If you want to see more games here, please consider donating.

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