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The Amiga Hardware Dumping Status Page

The Amiga was... no, IS a wonderful piece of equipment and is very nicely emulated by WinUAE and hopefully will be more completely emulated by MESS in the future.

There are a couple of great Amiga Hardware sites on the net, namely The Amiga Hardware Database, and The Big Book Of Amiga Hardware that show almost every add-in ever made! There's even a site with many of the driver install disks for those pieces of hardware.

However, there seems to be a lack of a hardware ROM archive for the software that was held in EPROMs on the vast array of add-in cards available for the Amiga series of computers.

This is a very important task if the Amiga is going to live on in emulation, as well as being able to repair these circuit boards with backups of the EPROMs, should they go bad for some reason.

The solution, of course, is simply to back-up the EPROMs, but the task is very daunting when you realise the number of add-ons that were available and the cut-throat approach to getting hold of them at places like eBay.

Hence this page is my attempt to back-up some of the EPROMs on some of the more common add-ons that were available in the hope of preserving them for the future :-)

Please note the following.....
  • If you would like to donate a ROM to the archive or loan an Amiga add-on card or other piece of hardware for archival purposes, contact me.
  • There is no wanted list, anything not listed here is wanted. However I appreciate that most of the hardware is treasured and not likely to come across my path, so what you see here is what you get.
  • Many of these were obtained on loan from local friends, although I do own some of these listed items (marked with an *). However, none of this stuff is for sale, unless noted :-)
  • Click the thumbnails for a larger pic of the hardware.
Card/Add-On Description Version(s) Archived

Commodore A2091 SCSI Controller * 390721-02 Rev 6.6 D464
390722-02 Rev 6.6 F929

390721-01 Rev 6.1 F4B8
390722-01 Rev 6.1 088B

390721-02 Rev 7.0 081C
390722-02 Rev 7.0 3EF2
Commodore A2088 XT Bridgeboard * 380788-04 EMu-BIOS 3.4

380788-04 2088 7500
Commodore A2286 AT Bridgeboard * 380680-01 2286 1F48 (i8742 unprotected! :-)
380683-03 V3.6, 380682-03 V3.6
Commodore A2386sx 386sx Bridgeboard * 391171-01 37BB (i8742 unprotected! :-)
391168-01 A2386SX V1.00 AC00
Commodore A2620 68020 Accelerator 390282-04 A2620 U4 ODD 9EB2
390283-04 A2620 U5 EVEN 4B70
Commodore A2630 68030 Accelerator * 390282-06 DAFA
390283-06 701F
Quicknet 2000 Ethernet Card * Quicknet 1.0 v24-5-94

Quicknet 1.2 v27-5-94
ICD Inc. AdSCSI 2080 SCSI Controller * AdSCSI 3.5r1
Microbotics Hardframe SCSI Controller HF-1.5C 080989
GVP (All AM33C93-based SCSI Controllers) V.45 / DF24
Oktagon 2008 SCSI Controller V6.10
Warp Engine 68040 Accelerator & SCSI Controller 40.66
Picasso IV Graphics Card * ROM Boot 1.1 (10.11.96)

Updates will follow as I get hold of more......

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